Monday, January 25, 2016

Peter Laing WW1 Wargame: Part 2

While the latest British attack is pushed back, the British brings up a strong reinforcement of artillery, while massing new infantry units behind the ridge. Once the artillery softens the German line, the fresh British infantry will push forward.

What the British didn't realize is the Germans have brought up a large siege gun ( the Germans rolled two  "artillery" symbols, which allowed them to bring up one large caliber gun. I was using Bob Cordery's Memoir of Battle rules; this gun had a range of 10 hexes.)

The German bombardment was devastating to the British line. Two batteries was destroyed, along with a machine gun unit. In this game, machine gun units counted as artillery.

The Germans then pushed their own infantry forward.

On the British left, the Germans overran one battery and forced another battery to retreat.

The British push back the Germans, but don't have enough reserves to follow up.

The Germans continue to push more units forward. 

As the second day of battle ends, the Germans have a strong foothold on the ridge. The British have lost heavily; losing 2 cavalry, 5 artillery, and 6 infantry units. The Germans lost 2 cavalry, 1 artillery, and 5 infantry units.


  1. John, fascinating idea and a great game! Love the German heavy guns, are they conversions based on Laing carriages, or another make?

  2. The heavy German gun seems to be made out of plastic, leading me to think it is not Pete Laing.I actually have two of these guns.