Friday, January 15, 2016

New Cavalry Figures for Homecasting

A lot of Johillco cavalry recently purchased for use with my newest homecasts .

I think they are a good match. My first plan was to use Zinnbrigade cavalry, which I still might do.                           However, these figures just seem to fit better as far as looks go.

I am planning to eventually make a mold. I am thinking of cutting one of the figures in                                                        half  and making two molds.   By doing this, it would make for a lighter figure and save on metal.
I have a French dragoon head that I think would work well with the figure.   


  1. I just wish that when people sell stuff on Ebay, if they don't know the scale at least put a ruler in the picture so you have an idea of the scale. This seller said they were 40mm, and seems just about right.