Sunday, January 17, 2016

Egypt va. Assyria Wargame

The Assyrian army is on the left, the Egyptian army is on the right.                                                                                      All terrain was put down randomly before the armies were deployed.
I rolled for who would go first at the start of each turn, along with how many units could move.
I do want to get some average dice for such occasions.

The Assyrians grab the hill on their right while one of their chariot units hit a light Egyptian infantry unit and pushes it back. The Egyptians lose 3/4 of the unit.

The pharaohs personal chariot unit strikes back at the Assyrian chariot unit, with help from a heavy infantry unit.

Together, they eliminate the Assyrian chariot unit. The first side to lose 5 units loses the battle; the Egyptians are off to a good start.

The Egyptian left bears down on two Assyrian light infantry units.

The Egyptian continue to advance. At the top of the picture an Egyptian light infantry unit  mounts the hill and attacks the light infantry unit there.

The Egyptian advance has the Assyrians running. The Pharaoh might win an easy victory.

The Assyrian left strikes back. The Egypians start losing heavily; the Pharaoh's unit loses 2/3 of their  unit.

The Egyptian chariots come to the Pharaoh's aid.

The light Egyptian unit on the right, in a previous move, was attacked by an Assyrian chariot unit and managed to force the chariots back, and held off the Assyrian light infantry. This unit tied up valuable  troops that could have been of better use elsewhere.

The Assyrians try to push back the Egyptians, with some success.

The Egyptian chariots launch another attack. The Pharaoh leads his unit  around the hill in an attempt to take some of the pressure off the Sheriden Guards on the hill. The middle chariot succeeds in eliminating  another Assyrian chariot unit. On the Egyptian right the infantry pushes forward.

The Assyrian infantry on right eliminates both the Pharaohs unit and the Sheriden Guards.

With the loss of both the Sheriden Guards and the Pharaoh chariots, the Egyptians start trying to consolidate their  line at the base of the large hill. The last of the Assyrian chariots  attacks an Egyptian light infantry at the top of the picture.

An Egyptian chariot unit goes to the aid of the light infantry and wipes out the Assyrian chariot unit.

With the aid of another infantry unit, the Egyptian light infantry captures the hill.

The Assyrian right flank swings around towards the large hill.

The Assyrians start pushing back the Egyptian left. The Assyrian light infantry that was pushed off the hill slips between two Egyptian units to join the rest of the army.

The Egyptians turn to attack the new Assyrian line.

The Egyptians overrun the Assyrian light infantry; this is the 5th unit lost and the Assyrians are defeated.

Most of the chariots used in this game came in a large lot of Peter Laing ancients I got last year. I don't know what  army they represent. I am thinking of just keeping them as they are and use them as generic units. I do have a large collection of Peter Laing Assyrians, including many chariots. After this game I might work on making a proper Assyrian army.


  1. Another winner! The figures look great, doyou know much about the history / background to the peter laing range ? He covered so many periods and while I have read some very sniffy posts about the quality of the figures I have never failed to be delighted by them.

    1. Chris, if you want to know more about them, drop me a line. If you search The Miniatures Page message boards you will find my e-mails address

  2. I know a little about the line, such as Peter Laing designed the first 15mm figures for production (although his first figures were closer to 12mm). I have found out a lot of information from Ian Dury, who also made available a Peter Laing catalog; 14 full pages in small print! Most of those sniffy posts is what made me want the figures more! Especially the one that described PL cavalry figures as "looking like men riding oversized dogs"! What is truly sad is how many of those posts talked of melting down the figures.