Saturday, January 16, 2016

3 Wargames in One Day

 Yesterday I managed to get three wargames in; two "no brain" games and one with BATTLELORE rules.  This report is a quick recap of the "no brain" games.
The first game was a group of old west townsfolk protecting their town against  bad guys. The town was set up randomly.  The bad guys eventually managed to corner the last of the townsfolk in a house and forced them to surrender. Peter Laing Boers make good cowboys. I only took a couple of pictures of this game, at the very end.

I found an article in an old Miniature Wargames about the making of Shaka Zulu. It talked of Shaka's rise to power defeating other Zulu tribes. A perfect scenario to use my Peter Laing Zulus. Above is a shot of the white shield tribe.

The brown shield tribe closes on the White shields.

A gap forms in the white shield line.

It looks as though the brown shields are breaking through the white shield line.

The white shields overrun the brown's left flank.

The brown shield line now collapses completely.

The whites shields pursue the last of the brown shields without mercy.

In the end the white shields lost only 4 men, as opposed to the brown shield losing 20 men.

The next blog will be a write up of the BATTLELORE game.


  1. Looks like you had some enjoyable times there. I have the wooden buildings too and find them most useful.

    1. These games have me using figures I haven't used before. I've played a couple more that I haven't written up. The building are the right size that I can fit figures on the hexes. In the cowboy game, if the figures were on the house hex, they were inside the house for protection.

  2. I also have the same wooden village buildings. Your no brain games are such a breath of fresh air, resist the temptation to over elaborate ! The games have been a distillation of the joy of toy soldiers.

    1. The no brain games will stay as they are. With the Bob Cordery rules and the different Command &Color rules, if I want a more complicated game these are the rules I use. All these rules are fairly simple to remember and make for fun games.