Monday, January 17, 2022

First Wargame of the Year

  Actually, this is not the first wargame, but the first wargame worth reporting on. I fought another one using my chessboard; however, it was the same predictable game. I wanted to do something different that was less predictable.

   My first plan was to play a scenario from Stuart Asquith's Guide to Solo Gaming.  I did end up using Chris Salander's H&M 2.0, except that instead of using the chessboard I would use a measuring stick. Instead of moving based on number of squares, I would roll 4 6D dice to decide how many figures were to move. I also wanted to try the game on a new portable table, which has a small top. 

The Blue Army is on the left, the Grey Army on the right.

The grey army reaches the ruins first. The ruins are occupied by a blast from the past, Barnaby of the Rifles. He led forward 4 of his riflemen to accomplish his mission.

In the upper picture, blue sends his cavalry forward to turn grey's right flank. He falls short of reaching the grey infantry, with disastrous results. In the lower woods, the blue infantry drives back the greys.

In the upper part of the picture, the greys kill two of the blues cavalry. In the center, the grey cavalry charges the blue artillery, routing one gun crew. In the south woods, the grey infantry counterattack, with support from the cavalry.

In the north woods, the blue cavalry is eliminated, and the blue infantry in the woods suffers losses from the riflemen and grey artillery. The blue cavalry in the south woods lose their skirmish with the greys, and the grey infantry starts their assault on the woods, pushing some of the blue infantry back. 

At this point the blue general realizes that the battle is lost and orders a retreat.  The blue cavalry acts as rearguard.   It was an enjoyable game that was less predictable than using the chessboard. The figures were picked at random from my Peter Laing figures, with the redoubtable Barnaby being in the mix. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

One More Batch of Semi Flats

       Over the last couple of months, I have been buying different lots of semi flats from the same seller. The seller was in the UK. While the prices being asked were reasonable, the postage was outrageous. In the end, the figures to me were worth the cost. There were several smaller lots that I decided against buying. However, in the end the seller combined all the lots into one and had them priced low. This lot actually had two other people bidding on it. I put a low bid in, expecting to be outbid. However, I won the lot and was pleased with the purchase.  

    I have started thinking about how to use all these figures for an Imag-nation campaign.


A pile of damaged figures. One piece that I want to repair is the camel, on the right side of the photo.

Some oddball figures. The limber team is one piece. The figure firing seems to be a Napoleonic figure.

More mixed figures in battle poses.

Some more British Guards. I really wanted the flag bearers; the mounted officer was a plus.

26 more marching figures in pickelhelms.

Some more interesting figures. What looks like some British soldiers with flat caps, and Austrian Jagers.


Yet more surprises. Sailors with 2 officers with fore and aft caps. I am thinking of using them for generals.

Some more Russians, with drummers and flag bearers.

More Zouaves(?). I am thinking of using them as Turks.

These figures are slightly smaller than the rest.

Another big surprise: Italian Bersaglieri!

The figures after sorting.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Semi Flats Wargame

 As mentioned before, I haven't done much with wargaming. However, the last month I did get two quick games in. One was a "No Brain Wargame", the other was a game with some of my new semi flats using Horse & Musket 2.0.

Both armies start with the same forces; 4 infantry and 2 cavalry.

As the two sides close, the blue army opens fire, killing 5 red soldiers and forcing two more to retreat. It seems like the game is going to be a quick one.

The red army brings forward their cavalry to try to turn the tide.

The red cavalry pushes back the blue infantry.

The tide seems to be changing in red's favor.

The red cavalry divides into smaller units with the hope of breaking the blue infantry once and for all.  The blue cavalry charges forward to rescue the infantry.

The red cavalry, blown from their charge, is quickly broken and the red army flees the field.