Wednesday, May 27, 2020

New Semi Flats

   For the last few weeks I had been watching a collection of semi flat toy soldiers on Ebay. After the recent games played using my semi flats, I couldn't resist them any longer. They arrived today, and it was money well spent.
There was a selection of infantry. There are 6 bandsmen, along with 13 infantrymen, a standard bearer and officer.

Three cuirassiers.

6 Dragoons.

Another cuirassier, and two artillery drivers.

For me the best figures; a general figure and mounted officer.

Besides these figures, I also got 7 more lancers of the style I already have, and several horses that are broken off their stands.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

One Hour Wargame with Toy Soldiers

        After my last couple of wargames, I found myself thinking of new ways to use these figures. The idea popped in my mind of using One Hour Wargames rules. Instead of using a roster system or markers to show hits, I decided to use 15 man units so for each hit, one man would go down.   One difference is that for every 5 men lost in a unit, they would roll to see if they held or retreated. First five men, if they rolled 1 or 2, they would retreat. 10 men down;  a roll 1 to 4 would make them retreat.

      The scenario would be #1; but because of the unit size, I decided to use 4 units instead of 6. At first I was going to play it "I go-you go" but playing solo it made the game too predictable, so half way through the game I  rolled for initiative.

The game let me use figures that hadn't been used before. While it was good to get a game in,  I don't think  using the figures this way will work.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Toy Soldier Battle: Day 2

The Grey General managed to rally his army. He decided to attack the Green Army the next day.

 I decided to play the game out. Although I usually roll for initiative, this part of the game Grey got to move first.

At daybreak the Grey Army launches its attack (GreyArmy on the left).

The Grey Army's left flank.

The battlefield, as seen from above the Grey's Lins.

On the Grey's left they drive off the Green's cavalry and kill two Guardsmen.

On the Grey's right, they manage to maul the Green's 1st Jagers.

The Green army takes the time to reorganize and sends forward half of the 2nd Jagers in the center.

The Green's return fire drives off the infantry holding the town and punches a large hole on the Grey's right.

The Green Army counterattacks (they won the initiative roll). The green cavalry smashes into the Grey's left, with the Guards following up. 

The 2nd Jagers charge the town. The 1st Jagers capture two grey stragglers.

The 1st Jagers shake out there line and advance.

The green cavalry drives back the Grey's left.

The 2nd Jagers fire kills two Gross Gras Regiment soldiers.

The Greys right starts to collapse after the 1st Jagers volley.

At this point the Grey Army breaks and runs.

The Grey refugees flee by their General.

5 Gross Gras  soldiers are left behind.

The cavalry swings around to cut off their retreat.

The Grey prisoners are turned over to the green cavalry.

The battlefield at the end of the game.

The Green General rides through the town to view the Grey's retreat. The Grey Army lost 28 dead, 11 prisoners. The Green Army lost 11 killed.