Monday, November 13, 2023

One Hour Skirmish Wargames

     My last post was a game using Song of Drums and Tomahawks. What lead me to these rules were John Lambsheads' " One Hour Skirmish Wargames"; a set of rules that using only playing cards to resolve combat. As usual, while listening to Youtube videos on OHSW, I found several videos using the different "Song of.." rules, and was distracted from OHSW.

  I decided to play another game using Song of Drums & Tomahawks. The game was of an Indian attack on farmers working their fields, and the local militia response. The game started  ok, but after a few moves it seemed to me that the game was going to take too long to play out. I was about to break the game down, when I decided to try One Hour Skirmish  Wargames. I figured  to play a couple of turns, and if I  still wasn't happy with the game, I could  always stop.

    I found the game enjoyable. Instead of using two decks of cards for both sides, I used only one deck. I had seen a video of a solo game where the player used only one deck, and it seemed to work well.

  Hopefully soon I can get another game in using One Hour Skirmish Wargames.  

The game setup, with the Indians on the left in the woods, the farmers in the center, and the village militia on the right.

Closeup of the farmers and militia guard.

The Indians attacking through the woods.

The Indians draw first. The Queen gives them 12 actions.

One of the farmers manage to flee with the cart. Unfortunately  the militia wasn't  so lucky. 

The colonists lost 8 men, the Indians 4. Most of the Indians were killed in hand to hand combat.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

Song of Drums and Tomahawks

    I keep looking for a wargame to jumpstart my interest in the hobby.  As usual I listen to Youtube on the job. I came across a wargame being played on the King Philip's War, which was fought mainly in Massachusetts in 1676. Living in Massachusetts, this war has been of interest to me. The rules used were " Song of Drums and Tomahawks" based on Andrea Sfiligoi's "Song of Blades and Heroes" wargame rules. 

  I do remember when they first came out. I almost bought them, because they also had supplemental scenarios for the Pequot and Beaver wars. I actually  got so excited for these rules that I also bought the Pequot War and Beaver Wars, Song of Blades and Heroes, and Fear and Faith rulesets.

What's more, I finally managed to play a game. Besides the usual mistakes when first starting play a new ruleset, by the end of the game I think I had the basics down. 

Word comes out of an Indian warband in the woods. Captain Smith leads a band of militia to drive the Indians off.

The indians try to flank the militia. Both sides exchange shots.

One brave engages two of the militiamen. For most of the game, the brave kept these two militiamen from helping their comrades. 

The two militiamen finally put down the brave.

The warband leader, seeing the brave go down, starts charging towards the two militiamen. One militiaman takes a shot, and luckily hits him.

At this point, the Indians have dropped  below over 50%, so the Indians have to roll for morale. One retreats off the board, the second follows the other.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Axis & Allies Game

       While on a drive the misses and I were talking about getting a "new" coffee table. We happened to drive by a charity  shop that has good furniture  donations  so we stopped in. While they didn't have a table, I did find a copy of Axis & Allies for $8.00. Though not sure if it was complete,  it did still have many of the plastic miniatures. Enough for me to buy it.

   When I got it home a quick look made me realize that the rules we not with it. However, since  it was bought for parts, that is no big deal. For now it will go into the pile of "future projects ".

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Gnome Baseball

Gnome baseball game ready to play. Red Caps vs Green Caps.

   This summer my wife asked me if we could go to watch the Harbor Hawks, the local baseball team that belongs to the Cape Cod Baseball League. The Cape Cod Baseball League is a summer league for college baseball players and have seen players that end up playing in the major leagues.

 We went to the game and had an enjoyable evening. We have gone to several more games and it got me thinking of my youth.

   My oldest brother and a friend had a card baseball league that used playing cards. My brother taught me how to play, including keeping records of the different player stats. It was a great game that could be played against an opponent  or solo. Most of my games were solo, as my brother graduated  high school and joined the Marines.

   When I got home from one game I started thinking of my old league. I also was wondering if there was a dice baseball game. Of course there was. I almost was going to buy a rather expensive game. I had second thoughts though, and just printed out a copy of the game.

  After printing it out, I was wondering what figures to use. I was going to use those useless Airfix running US Marine figures, but then I thought it might be fun to use some of my Peter Pig Gnomes figures.

    " A couple of garden gnomes heard the humans hooting and cheering a little way off. They decided to see what the hooibau  was about. They found the humans scattered in a field, with one throwing a ball at a man with a stick,who in turn swung at the ball. When the ball was hit, everyone started running around yelling. It was most confusing! 

   " After watching for a while they realized that the humans were playing a game, and found themselves enjoying watching the humans at play. Indeed, they started to understand  the  rules. They found themselves going back to watch the games, bringing more gnomes with them. Eventually the gnomes decided to try the game for themselves."

Green Caps has bases loaded with 2 outs.

The Green Cap batter hit a double, driving in two runs!

The Red Caps had bases loaded with two outs.
The batter rolled a 3 and a 4; a triple, which brings home 3 runs.
The final score: Red Caps 18, Green Caps 7.

This could be an enjoyable game if you kept track of the players statistics. Although a game of luck like the old card baseball game,you would find some great batters and pitchers that you would get invested in.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

In Search Of Gallia Miniatures Knights

     My first metal 15mm Medieval miniatures were by Gallia Miniatures which were from Warrior Miniatures. Needless to say they are among my favorite figures. I wanted to work on a project using them. Unfortunately Warrior Miniatures aren't producing figures ( their website is still up but has a notice of not producing figures.) 

   Below are some photos of the figures I am looking for. If any reader has some unused figures that they are interested in selling, I would be interested in buying.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Narrative No Brain Campaign

     After my last No Brain Wargame, I put a little thought into a narrative to the game.  I could see two neighboring tribes raiding each others territory the steal cattle to suppliment their herds.

"Two tribes, the Nsundu (brown shields) and Mhlophe (white shields) main source of food are Nguni, cattle that feed on the grasslands of the tribal lands. They do suppliment their diet with corn, but the soil is ill suited for farming .

 During most of the year there is plenty of grass  for the cows to feed on and water in the ponds for drink. However, as summer comes on, the ponds dry up and the grass starts dying off. Both tribes finds it necessary to bring the cattle to the Umfula River, were there is still plenty of grass and water for the cows. The Umfula forms the border between the two tribes. With both tribes so close, the temptation to raid each other becomes too much." 

Such is the simple narrative for my last game. I played a second game after coming up with this narrative, of which I shall post about shortly.

The Nsundu (left) and the Nhlophe (right) face each other before the Umfula river.

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

No Brain Wargame to Battle Doldrums

       The last few months I have been looking at different wargame rules and campaigns, each one more involved than the last. Every time I tried to get a game going, the complicated rules and limited time would frustrate me and I would give up on the project, only to start the process all over again. About a month ago I took a break from wargaming, until last week. I decided to play a No Brain wargame using my Zulus. In the end the White Shield tribe beat the Brown Shields.

  After the game I  remembered an article in Lone Warrior about a simple campaign rule idea where each side gets so many coins, and roll to decide how many coins they are playing for. Just for fun I rolled for both tribes. The Brown Shields rolled a 4, the White Shields 1. I imaged the tribes were fighting over cattle (cattle being the source of wealth with the Zulu) and the Brown Shields lost 4 head of cattle. 

   I started thinking more of a simple narrative campaign, going so far as coming up with tribal names and the reason for their battles. I even looked up how much beef 4 cattle would provide: at between 1600 to 2000 pounds of beef, to me it would be worth fighting for.

The two tribes close for battle.

The Brown shields fall back and lose 4 head of  cattle.

Friday, May 5, 2023

A Peter Laing Coronation Parade

 The coronation of King Charles  calls for a parade of Peter Laing Victorian Parade figures as a tribute to this historic  event.

The cavalry decides to make a grand entrance!
I only need about 6,900 more figures to do it right.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Caissons Go Rolling Along...

The new caisson goes right to work moving guns.

I am not sure about keeping the caisson red, or painting it to match my other caissons. 


Friday, April 21, 2023

A Toy Soldier Inspection

The Verdancia Army let's out three cheers as the Emperor's carriage  approaches . 

The Emperor  is pleased at his reception.

The Emperor's carriage is escorted by the Imperial colors and a chosen band of guards.

    The Emperor  of Verdancia has ordered out his army for inspection. With colors unfurled and drums beating, the army raises a cheer for the Emperor!