Tuesday, September 21, 2021

New Semi Round Infantry


A large collection of British Guards; 100 of the same pose, three officers, and 21 different poses.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

New Semi Round Cavalry


One of the more interesting additions: a Mameluke. Perhaps Napoleon's faithful servant Rostum?

A mixed lot.

Unsure of what these figures represent. The fact the there is some green paint on their coats makes me think they are Dragoons.



The look of these uniforms makes me think they are Chasseurs d'Afrique

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Painting Homecasts

    My wife and I went camping this weekend. At the last minute I took along some of my Kinder Homecasts and some paints, hoping to get some figures painted.  Some painting was done, unfortunately, in the end the paints weren't working for me.

   When we got home I started using some other paints to finish the figures. I must admit frustration; this time that my hands refused to cooperate, and shook, making the job of fine detailing a waste of time. The Zouaves are almost done, although there is some touch up needed on the faces and the uniforms. Hopefully I will get some more painting soon.

Some regular infantrymen. After starting on them, I decided to paint them as Irish Brigade figures.

 The Zouaves. The faces need more work ( the figure on the far right looks like he was shot in the forehead by a Minie ball).

Sunday, July 25, 2021

More Kinder ACW and the First Homecasts

     I recently received another order of Kinder ACW figures. With this order I  would only be one figure shy of having all the Kinder ACW figures. Unfortunately the seller sent me a copy of a figure I already have, so instead of being one short, it's two figures.  While waiting for this new order, I ordered more RTV rubber for molds. I have already made two molds, with a third being made at this time.

    I also decided to try Humbrol enamel paints for my figures. Most of the colors that I was looking for were out of stock; however the paints that were available give me an idea of wither or not to change paints yet again. I will say that after opening one and finding the paint next to useless, it soured me to using them. However, at one time in the past I used them, and found they had a good shelf life compared to Testors enamels. Of course while laying awake, the thought of going back to hobby acrylics. I might paint a few of the new casting using the different paints, and then decide on which paints to use.

   When the new Kinder figures came in, while preparing for the photo shoot, the camera broke. The only way that it can be used right now is using one hand to hold the batteries in place, the other hand trying to line up the shot and push the button, without shaking the camera. Needless to say, most shots are useless.  

Homecasts of the Kinder Southern Zouave (master on the left).  The painted figure was painted using Humbrol paints.

The new figures, minus one, which is currently being used to make a new mold.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Kinder American Civil War Toy Soldiers

40mm Kinder ACW toy soldiers. I bought them with the idea of possible conversions.

Comparison of Kinder, Prince August, Zinn Brigade, and Britain's 40mm figures.

The Kinder recruits from the rear.

Friday, June 4, 2021

More Edmund's Toy Soldiers

   After buying the set of Edmund's Sussex Light Dragoons, I came across another set that was being sold at a very reasonable price. The seller was on vacation when I bought them and it took a couple weeks to get them. The collection is of Iron Brigade bandsmen.

The box from Edmunds

The Iron Brigade Bandsmen

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Home Cast Conversions

While still not working on any one project, I have been puttering around with several different ideas, hoping one will jumpstart a project. I bought some new toy soldier molds and started a casting session; however it not very successful and ended it sooner than planned. I did cast a few Prince August Brave Toy Soldier figures. I decided to try to convert them into 1800's militia figures, using "Green Stuff". Below are a few of the conversions.
Original figure with conversions next to it. Militiaman loosely based on the 7th NY,  officer for the militia, and militiaman with bearskin.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Bluebird Zero Hour

     Sometimes things pop up on Ebay that catch my interest. A couple of months ago I came across a Bluebird Zero Hour gunboat. When I looked at it, I remembered buying some Bluebird sailors when I started gaming 20 years ago. I never did anything with them, as half the figures were seated. Now I know why. Of course this led to a search on Zero Hour.   I managed to get a couple of good lots cheap.  While waiting for them, I started looking for rules to use with them. This is why I started working on the free flow movements; I wanted to use these figures unpainted and in a toy soldier way, with only the most basic rules.  I had some ideas on a narrative campaign using these figures. Perhaps something will come from it.

Navy gunboats land a a combined force of naval commandos and infantry to assault the enemy camp.

The enemy camp.

                                                                     The battle is joined.

Friday, May 14, 2021

New Toy Cannons

   One project I was working on was a simple war-game using my 30mm semi flats with firing toy cannon. Of course this meant looking for new cannons, of which I found a nice little lot of three for sale. Unfortunately, one of them had the mechanism glued. After a little work, the plunger was free, but it seemed to lack a spring to make it work! 

The three new cannon. The larger piece is the one missing the spring.

One of the smaller guns compared to 40mm Zinn Brigade figures.

My collection of firing cannon.

Guns of the similar make in the arsenal.