Saturday, September 29, 2018

Carving Figures

    While going through some of my old soldiers, I found a figure I carved and casted some 25 years ago. At the time the job I was at was slowly going under, and much of my spare time I would carve little figures out of scrap wood. After I left the company, I continued carving for a hobby.
   This little figure started me thinking of doing some more carving, as I've done little else. I carved two figures today. As my wife and I are leaving to go camping next week, I bought some more wood to take with me.

The  carved man. I'm rusty after 25 years!

I gave the wood man an acorn helmet.

He needed a club, too.

The wood man in a tree hollow.

The wood man guarding a cave entrance.

A giant dragon sniffing out the wood man!

The dragon is scared by the wood man's club and flees!

The wood man, safe for now.

One of the casting from my earlier carving. He was cast in resin.

The back of the figure.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

2 Wargames and a Break

     I have done little in the way of gaming. I have tried to start several projects, without success. I also was going to try out Travel Battle, but once again couldn't muster the interest in prepping the figures for the game. I did try a game using the Travel Battle board for gaming, using Risk figures. It didn't play out well. My fat fingers kept knocking the figures over.
     I started reading Osprey's "The Men Who Would be Kings". It sounds like a good set that one could have individual heroes.  I was thinking of using my Peter Laing Colonials for this, but realized that I don't have enough Colonial cavalry or Native troops (save Zulus) to play the game.
     I found myself going back to my 2mm figures, which I managed to have an enjoyable game.

  I find myself in a situation where I have accomplished nothing with my gaming, and what games I play are enjoyable to me, but offer nothing to my blog. I therefore will take a break from my blog until I have something that might be of interest to the few followers of my blog.

Using Risk figures with Travel Battle board.

The 2mm game using my ACW armies. The game is in the advanced stages. I wasn't going to take any photos of this game, until the Confederates manged to cut off one Union unit (in the foreground).

The Union unit in the foreground managed to hold off the Confederates attack.

The surviving Union unit takes shelter in the woods. Meanwhile the rightmost  Union unit launches a bayonet attack to try to reach the cut off Union regiment.

The Union regiments link up.

However, the Confederates launch an all out assault on the woods.

They wipe out the Union regiment in the woods, and drive back the Union reinforcements.

At this point the Union has lost 50% of their forces, and concedes the battle.

I have been thinking of doing more work with my 2mm figures, if for no other reason to keep some interest going with my gaming. I have also thought of possibly buying some more 2mm figures.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Chinese Game Pieces Wargame.

    After receiving my first order of Chinese game pieces, I ordered two more sets. I decided to make two armies using Battlelore style units. Each army would have 2 light infantry, 2 heavy infantry, 6 medium infantry, 1 light cavalry, one medium cavalry, and one heavy cavalry. The only change is the heavy cavalry has 4 horsemen, instead of three.

   Last night I quickly painted the bases for the game: green for light troops, blue for medium troops, and red for heavy units.

   The orange army intends on invading the green nation. However, to do so they must force a pass. The green army is waiting for them. Damn spies!

    I used a simplified set of Battlelore rules.  Also in this game I used arrows to show movement, which will come in handy. For some reason every time I try to add a caption to the picture, the picture jumps to the top of the page! Yellow arrows shows greens movements; red show orange.  Just so you know, the orange army wins the battle, but the army is so battered that it retreats towards home.
The orange army deployed to attack the pass.
The green army deployed, with several units hidden from the green army.