Friday, June 4, 2021

More Edmund's Toy Soldiers

   After buying the set of Edmund's Sussex Light Dragoons, I came across another set that was being sold at a very reasonable price. The seller was on vacation when I bought them and it took a couple weeks to get them. The collection is of Iron Brigade bandsmen.

The box from Edmunds

The Iron Brigade Bandsmen

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Home Cast Conversions

While still not working on any one project, I have been puttering around with several different ideas, hoping one will jumpstart a project. I bought some new toy soldier molds and started a casting session; however it not very successful and ended it sooner than planned. I did cast a few Prince August Brave Toy Soldier figures. I decided to try to convert them into 1800's militia figures, using "Green Stuff". Below are a few of the conversions.
Original figure with conversions next to it. Militiaman loosely based on the 7th NY,  officer for the militia, and militiaman with bearskin.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Bluebird Zero Hour

     Sometimes things pop up on Ebay that catch my interest. A couple of months ago I came across a Bluebird Zero Hour gunboat. When I looked at it, I remembered buying some Bluebird sailors when I started gaming 20 years ago. I never did anything with them, as half the figures were seated. Now I know why. Of course this led to a search on Zero Hour.   I managed to get a couple of good lots cheap.  While waiting for them, I started looking for rules to use with them. This is why I started working on the free flow movements; I wanted to use these figures unpainted and in a toy soldier way, with only the most basic rules.  I had some ideas on a narrative campaign using these figures. Perhaps something will come from it.

Navy gunboats land a a combined force of naval commandos and infantry to assault the enemy camp.

The enemy camp.

                                                                     The battle is joined.

Friday, May 14, 2021

New Toy Cannons

   One project I was working on was a simple war-game using my 30mm semi flats with firing toy cannon. Of course this meant looking for new cannons, of which I found a nice little lot of three for sale. Unfortunately, one of them had the mechanism glued. After a little work, the plunger was free, but it seemed to lack a spring to make it work! 

The three new cannon. The larger piece is the one missing the spring.

One of the smaller guns compared to 40mm Zinn Brigade figures.

My collection of firing cannon.

Guns of the similar make in the arsenal.

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Edmund's Toy Soldiers

      As constantly mentioned, I have a great interest in 19th century American militias. One company that has great selection of American Civil War militia units is Edmund's Toy Soldiers.  They are lovely figures, painted toy soldier style. Unfortunately, they also are out of my price range. However, last week I managed to buy a set at a price I could afford. They are the Sussex Light Dragoons of the Confederate Army. There were two sets for sale: I bidded on both but lost the other set. Unfortunately the seller mixed up the boxes and My Dragoons are in the 83rd PA Volunteer Infantry box.  Still, I finally managed to get a set of Edmund's.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Toy Soldiers Wargame

In the last few weeks I have been playing with different ideas for games. I have also spent too much time on the computer trying to get inspiration. I started thinking of why I enjoyed playing with toy soldiers as a kid. As a kid there was no tape measures, no dice and no rules. I decided to try a game where movement was between terrain, not measured moves. Using "Close Wars" terrain, the toy soldiers would advance to the next terrain feature in front of them. If it was occupied by the enemy, they would be caught in the open. There is no measuring for shooting; depending on the weapon it would be decided if the enemy was in range. When in doubt roll to decide. I still use dice to decide hits. I started a game using some Airfix Combat Infantry Group figures. It has been enjoyable game, wither I play again or not.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

New Homecasts

These are some homecast militia for the 1880's. The body is a casting of Britain's West Point figure. The heads were Fusilers recast. The epaulets were made with green stuff. I made up the uniforms, based on two different militia units of the period. I not too happy with the paint job. I might strip it down and retry it again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Warlord Games Epic ACW Comparison and Basing

In this post I compare Epic ACW figures to 1st and 2nd Minifigs 15mm ACW and Peter Laing figures. I decided to experiment with basing a strip of the figures. I cut the strip in half and made my own base, where only one 5 man strip was mounted. Afterwards I realized that I was making a 15mm version of Old Glory 10mm infantry strips.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Warlord Games Epic ACW

Warlord Games have come up with a new American Civil War game; Epic ACW. Using Black Powder rules, they have come up with plastic 15mm models in 10 man strips. The regiments will consist of 100 regiments. The main game will come with rules, 2400 infantry, 24 cannon and 24 horsemen. All for $120 (American). When I first saw it, I was ready to order it. However, the limited space for my gaming, along with my current uncertainty of income, I decided against it. However, in the January Wargames Illustrated, the magazine gave a free frame of the figures. The frame includes 100 infantry, 1 gun and crew, and one horseman. It also comes with the bases. After much waiting, the magazine showed up in the local bookstore. I ended up buying 2 of the magazines. I'm not sure the figures will ever be used. I have different ideas for the figures. On another blog someone cut the 10 man strips in half, to make ten man bases. I have been thinking this might be the way to go, except that I would make my own bases and do 5 man bases. At least with the two frames of figures, I could make up one regiment for each side and do skirmish games.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Ideas for 1800's Militia

I haven't been able to get a project off the ground. One project was to use Britain's figures to recreate U.S. militia units of the 1800's. I ordered some spare heads to get an idea of which heads would work for this period. Today I got the idea of trying the different heads with a West Point body.