Monday, February 29, 2016

Peter Laing by the Numbers Part 3

F 641 Boxer with rifle adv; F 640 Boxer with halbert; F 643 Imperial Chinese with rifle adv; F 614 Pathan firing, standing; F 638 Naval rating adv (straw hat).

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F 620 Zulu adv, raised assegai; Zulu rifleman ad; F 616 Zulu marching; F 613 Fuzzy Wuzzy with sword; F  603 British infantry advancing.

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F2010 U.S. inf with Browning A.R.; F 2009 US inf Thompson m/gunner; F 2007 US rifleman adv: F 2005 Brit inf 2" mortar man.

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F 2004 Brit inf Bren gunner; F 2001 Brit rifleman adv; F 2003 Brit inf sten gunner; F 2002 Brit inf officer.

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F 2012 US inf ammo carrier; F 2010 US inf with Browning A.G.; F 2011 US inf 60mm mortar man; F 2018 German inf ammo carrier; F 2016 German lt m/gunner.

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F 2017 German inf 50mm mortar man; F 2013 German rifleman adv; F 2015 German sub m/gunner;  F 2014 German inf officer.

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Peter Laing by the Numbers: Part 2

A704 Brit. officer kneeling, field glasses; A703 Brit. gunner kneeling, shell; A702 Brit gunner kneeling: A705 Brit gunner seated X2; A736 German mortar crewman

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A735 Minenwerfer; A701 Brit 18 pdr field gun.

F712 German infantry marching; F728 German inf adv; F713 German infantry firing; F726 German jaeger adv; F714 German officer marching.

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F716 German m/g loader; F715 German m/g & gunner; F727 German inf lying, firing; F720 French chasseur d'Alpin adv.

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F759 Russian inf adv; F748 Brit inf adv, tropical helmet; F737 French inf adv, steel helmet; F758 Bedouin inf adv; F768 Austrian, Italian inf adv.

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F729 Brit inf adv, steel helmet; F735 U.S. inf adv, steel helmet; F743German inf adv, steel helmet; F763 German Schutztruppe pte adv.
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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Peter Laing Figures by the Numbers

I just received a lot of Peter Laing figures. This lot consists of 14 small bags of figures. It seems that they are sample packs, as on the outside the figure numbers are written. Also there are few duplicate figures. Only three of the fourteen packs were open. It seemed like a good time to try to match the figures to the Peter Laing catalog.
Peter Laings in the original  packing.

Franco -Prussian & 19th Century European Wars

Left to right:  F8003 French sailor/marine adv;  F 8001 French Imp guardsman adv (bearskin);  F8002 imp guardsman adv (forage cap); F8006 French Cantiniere

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F8007 Prussian infantry adv; F8008 Bavarian infantry adv; F8011 Austrian infantry adv;  M8001 Prussian cuirassier  charging.

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Napoleonic figures

F10 French inf standard (shako plume); F7 French inf adv (sp); M2 Napoleon, mounted

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F42 Turkish musketeer; F39 British marine adv; F1 British inf adv (Belgian shako); F 24 British rifleman;  F 37 British sailor, cutlass.

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Friday, February 12, 2016

New Peter Laing Figures and the Braggarts Curse

    In a recent post I said how I hated to mention figures that I had bought until I actually received them, then when on to boast how I was waiting for two lots of Peter Laing figures. Yesterday the first lot came in. Instead of receiving a lot of nicely painted Peter Laing ECW dragoons, I received a nice lot of 1st generation Minifigs French Dragoons. And while nice, I would prefer the Peter Laings. Somewhere there is someone wondering where their nice Minifigs are, and what they are going to do with a lot of soldiers riding oversized dogs!

   Today the second lot came in and luckily, they were the right figures. It is a nice lot of ancient and medieval cavalry figures.
The wrong figures!  These are two of the lot of 1st generation Minifigs that I received.

Two more nicely painted Peter Laing knights

These three mounted archers are new recruits for the Mahdi army.

These figures are my favorites of the most recent lot. They are new figures to me, and I  got six of them.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Peter Laing ECW Figures and another No Brain Game

Today I got two packages in. One was a small lot of 1st generation Minifigs Napoleonics, the other a lot of Peter Laing ECW figures. While I already have many of the ECW infantry, the main reason I bought this lot was to get 40 cavalry figures that were new to me.

Three of the new ECW cavalry figures I just received.

I also got 10 each of these ECW peasants; another one of my favorite Peter Laing figures.

The seller sent this SAS figure along "to guard the package"! 

I wanted to fight my new Mahdi army. Their opponents were my Arab army.

The Mahdi first contact is devastating, killing 8 of the Arabs.

Still, the Arabs manage to force back the Mahdi tribesmen.

In the center, three Mahdi archers hit a unit of Arab archers, killing one and forcing the other two to retreat....

...which exposes the Arab chieftain to another Mahdi unit with three archers. However, instead of  attacking the Chieftain, they go after the unit of Arabs to the right of the Chieftain. It was a wasted effort as they missed anyways.

The Arab Chieftain now started bringing all his men towards the center of the line.

However, the Mahdi forces pushes through the center and close on the Chieftain.

At this point the Arabs realize the battle is lost and falls back.

The Mahdi general, once a lowly cavalryman in the Ottoman Turk army, is now a general leading a victorious army.