Saturday, February 6, 2016

New Peter Laing ECW Figures and another No Brain Game

Today I got two packages in. One was a small lot of 1st generation Minifigs Napoleonics, the other a lot of Peter Laing ECW figures. While I already have many of the ECW infantry, the main reason I bought this lot was to get 40 cavalry figures that were new to me.

Three of the new ECW cavalry figures I just received.

I also got 10 each of these ECW peasants; another one of my favorite Peter Laing figures.

The seller sent this SAS figure along "to guard the package"! 

I wanted to fight my new Mahdi army. Their opponents were my Arab army.

The Mahdi first contact is devastating, killing 8 of the Arabs.

Still, the Arabs manage to force back the Mahdi tribesmen.

In the center, three Mahdi archers hit a unit of Arab archers, killing one and forcing the other two to retreat....

...which exposes the Arab chieftain to another Mahdi unit with three archers. However, instead of  attacking the Chieftain, they go after the unit of Arabs to the right of the Chieftain. It was a wasted effort as they missed anyways.

The Arab Chieftain now started bringing all his men towards the center of the line.

However, the Mahdi forces pushes through the center and close on the Chieftain.

At this point the Arabs realize the battle is lost and falls back.

The Mahdi general, once a lowly cavalryman in the Ottoman Turk army, is now a general leading a victorious army.


  1. Love the new figures - I don't have any Laing ACW. Looks like a fun game - I really enjoy your write-ups

  2. I recently painted up two units of cavalry for the Mahdi army. This is a fun little army.