Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Figures

     I have made a couple of new purchases. One was a lot of Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated War of 1812 figures.  There are enough figures to make an American regiment from 1814, if you are using their rules' THE COMPLETE BRIGADIER. Also, there were 12 artillerymen and 9 British infantry. After seeing them I went looking for the War of 1812 Militia figures I have, without success. While looking for the militia, I did find my Minifigs 4.7 naval guns which I had lost. I wanted to use these guns with my Peter Laing figures.

   Another purchase I made was some 10mm plastic figures from a company by the name of Gordon & Hague. They are based figures already painted. They come painted and based already. each base is individually packaged. I did some research of the company. It seemed that after a couple of years in business, the company who molded the figures went out of business. G&H then planned to switch to 15mm plastic figures; however they went out of business. I was getting interested in these figures. However, when they were in business the price of single stands were quite high. In fact I bought 10 stands which with postage cost $2.00 per stand. When I opened them, one figure dropped off the base with no abuse on my part. I dare say that if I want to war-game ACW in 10mm, I will stick to Old Glory figures.

A Gordon & Hague artillery and Confederate militia stand.

An assembled and primed Minifigs 4.7 gun.

The 4.7 manned by Peter Laing figures.

Frying Pan & Blanket Amalgamated British War of 1812 Infantry.

FP&BA War of 1812 American command figures.

FP&BA War of 1812 American infantry.

FP&BA War of 1812 artillery

Friday, December 11, 2015

New Home Casting

British Infantry

22nd New York State Militia

U.S. Army

Another British regiment

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Peter Laing Medievals

       While I haven't been working on any one project, I did take a quick inventory of my Peter Laing Medieval figures, not counting the very large collection of Norman figures. The biggest surprise was that I have 45 mounted knight figures, more than I thought I had. I have enough figures to make two small armies. I was also looking through my old PRACTICAL WARGAMER magazines for inspiration. There was a good article on the French Wars of Religion 1562-1598. While I only have the first of two articles, on Ebay someone was selling 4 copies of PRACTICAL WARGAMER, one of which has the second article in it. I bought the lot, although I have copies of the other three issues. Keep your eyes open on this blog if you are looking for copies of PRACTICAL WARGAMER, as I will probably give away the duplicate issues.

     I have also been working on a secret mold and have been having good success in casting with the mold.
The collection of mounted knights.

Sorting out the different Medieval figures.

The unarmored spearmen with shields on the march.