Friday, February 12, 2016

New Peter Laing Figures and the Braggarts Curse

    In a recent post I said how I hated to mention figures that I had bought until I actually received them, then when on to boast how I was waiting for two lots of Peter Laing figures. Yesterday the first lot came in. Instead of receiving a lot of nicely painted Peter Laing ECW dragoons, I received a nice lot of 1st generation Minifigs French Dragoons. And while nice, I would prefer the Peter Laings. Somewhere there is someone wondering where their nice Minifigs are, and what they are going to do with a lot of soldiers riding oversized dogs!

   Today the second lot came in and luckily, they were the right figures. It is a nice lot of ancient and medieval cavalry figures.
The wrong figures!  These are two of the lot of 1st generation Minifigs that I received.

Two more nicely painted Peter Laing knights

These three mounted archers are new recruits for the Mahdi army.

These figures are my favorites of the most recent lot. They are new figures to me, and I  got six of them.


  1. Bad luck re getting the wrong figures again! Who did you buy them from?
    I've not seen those last figures before. My guess is they are M5013, mounted Spanish Knight from the Renaissance range

  2. I am trying to contact the seller; however' when this has happened in the past, the costs involved usually means that no one gets what they want in the end.

    You guess on the knights is probably the right one. The figures seem to be painted as cuirassiers, as below the knees are painted to look like boots. They will be useful for several periods.

  3. Just wondered if you got them from the UK - they look familiar and I may know the seller

  4. Yes, actually both from the UK. I have sent the seller an email.