Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Peter Laing Figures

I recently bought three different lots of Peter Laing figures. The first two lots came in the mail today.
The first lot is an Ottoman Turk Army. The cost was very high; I almost passed on it. The painter spent a great deal of time painting these figures. Most of the cavalry is painted with none being the same.

The Janissaries likewise are painted individually.

I don't know exactly what this figure is; it seems to be some kind of standard bearer.

Some of the Janissaries.

Unfortunately the new Turks are larger an the first Turkish cavalry I got.

These are some of the next lot I received. There are other figures in this lot that  that are new to me. My favorites are the 2 on the right, that look like dogs with spears (berserkers?).  Needless to say, they have me thinking of some uses which they probably weren't intended for.

One blog worth checking out: . The blog's author has been working on an American War of Independence game, using Peter Laing AWI figures. There are some great pictures of the figures, which leave me green with envy.


  1. A nice bunch of Peter Laing miniatures you managed to purchase there. Do they add to an existing Ottoman army you have?

    1. I do have a collection of Peter Laing Ottomans that these will be added to. The first army has the small cavalry figure shown above, plus more of the Janissaries and some archers. The quality of painting is completely different, my first Ottoman army the Janissaries are all painted the same. I think the newer figures will be the frontline troops in any wargame.

  2. Replies
    1. I have to think carefully of how to use the. They will probably be rebased to single figures. I am thinking of a coat of varnish for them, however I don't want to rush into something I might regret later. I have no plans of stripping and repaint these figures.

  3. John, they look great and I am highly envious! Always thought Peter's Ottomans were amongst his nicest figures

    1. I agree that his Ottoman figures are amongst the best; of course I'm partial to Ottoman Turks. For people who like colorful uniforms, the Ottoman Turks are worth a look. When I start rebasing the Janissaries I will try to take some good pictures of them. The painter must have spent a great deal of time painting them. Another plus of Peter Laing simple figures is the amount of detail (or lack thereof) that can be painted on them.