Friday, January 29, 2016

Peter Laing WW1 Wargame; the Finale

The British attempt to hold back the Germans was for naught. The Germans had at this point overwhelming forces and was turning the British left flank. What was left of the British line was ordered to fall back to the next line. The Germans lost 1 infantry unit,as opposed to the BritishLosing 2 cavalry, 3 infantry and 1 artillery unit. During the entire game the Germans lost 4 cavalry, 15 infantry and 1 artillery unit. The British lost 7 cavalry, 14 infantry and 6 artillery units.

The Germans keep pouring in fresh troops, including sailors.

The German massed their artillery in the center, including a large siege gun.

The German infantry overrun the last artillery battery, and threaten the British headquarters.

By adding the possibility of reinforcements, it made for an unpredictable and challenging game. I can  see using this in future games. I would think using a set number of replacement units, or else having a replacement depot where, when a unit gets depleted, it would go back to the depot to get replacements to bring the unit up to strength, would add to a game, especially a campaign game.  This particular game lasted around 6 hours, over three days.


  1. Hi, loved the game but the "siege gun" looks familiar.
    Could the barrel be a lead casting of a miliput master made using a plaster of paris mould in about 1985? I have an odd feeling I made it!

  2. The barrel could be lead,although I have no idea how it was made. I could take some more close ups of the gun. It would be good if it is one you made. I do have 2 of these guns.