Sunday, June 14, 2015

Shiak-Brookshire War Mini Campaign Finale

     The last war-game of my mini campaign was finally fought. The scenario is from Neil Thomas' ONE HOUR WARGAMES; scenario 19, A blow from the rear. The goal was for the Shiak army to have one unit within one move of the river at the end of the game. Failure would mean defeat.

     General Loring was ordered to hold the river crossing at Newmarket. General Gillingham was once again advancing to try to drive back the Shiak army. There was a truce in the works, but both sides were delaying to see the results of the coming battle. A Shiak victory would mean a sizable land acquisition; a defeat would lead to more fighting. General Loring was told to hold the line at the river, but not to cross the Newmarket River. Loring deployed 4 infantry units to cover the bridge and ford. He had a light infantry unit and cavalry unit on the way to reinforce him.

    General Gillingham the night before had sent two infantry and a cavalry unit across the river. He would attack the crossing with two infantry and an artillery unit to pin down the Shiak forces.

The initial troop deployments. The Brookshire army is on the top and left side of the picture; on  the bottom right can be seen the Shiak reinforcements. They cannot move or fire until the seventh turn.

The armies engage. The Shiak force one unit back and cause 50% losses to another unit.

While the Shiak army is engaged, the large Brookshire flanking force emerge from the woods.

The Shiak army turns to face the new threat. A Brookshire unit tries to cross the bridge,but is thrown back.

Between the artillery fire to their rear and the cavalry attack on their front, one Shiak unit is destroyed. Meanwhile, a Brookshire unit fords the river behind the Shiak army.

The Shiak army does manage to wipe out two infantry units.

The Brookshire cavalry hits a Shiak unit in the flank, but losses 2/3 losses themselves.

The Brookshire army clears the riverbank of all Shiak units. However it is turn seven and the Shiak reinforcements can now move. The Brookshire cavalry charges towards the advancing Shiak troops.

The Shiak cavalry charges forward towards the Brookshire cavalry. The infantry, being light infantry, quickly moves down the road.

The Shiak cavalry rides over the weakened Brookshire cavalry. The light infantry moves to engage the Brookshire infantry.

Turn 11: The Shiak troops eliminate the last of the Brookshire infantry. According to the rules, if one Shiak unit is within  range of the river at the end of turn 15, they win. Brookshire only has their artillery left. It can either move or fire each move. There is no way the artillery can move or fire in the four remaining moves and achieve the pushing the Shiak army out of range of the river. and concedes defeat.

Once again I'm happy the way the game played out. Even though I used Memoir of Battle rules with the scenario, the game ant to the wire where it could have gone either way.

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