Sunday, June 7, 2015

Portable Wargame

When  I went camping a couple of weeks ago, the first day I was on my own, my wife having to work that day. At the last minute I decided to try a portable war-game.  I packed up my homecast Austrian figures, some French WW1 figures, and a few pieces of landscaping and dice. In the end I used matchsticks for measuring.

Above are some pictures of the action. Both sides hit the enemy's right flank. In the end French élan won the day. Each turn there was an intuitive roll. Only 4 units could be activated.  I used short and long range fire. Short range was full strength, long distance half, rounded up. The pictures were taken with my cell phone and I had trouble transferring the pictures to my computer, so the pictures are scrambled and doesn't show the action in correct order. I do know my home cast Austrian army lost their first battle. 


  1. Matchstick measuring sounds a great idea and seemed to work out well.

  2. When I packed the figures I didn't bring any measure along. I have made measure sticks in the past so a wooden match would do. Of course at the campground there were plenty of sticks, too.