Friday, June 26, 2015

Anglo-Boer Wargame Replay

      As mentioned in my last post, I have been repainting my Heroscape pieces. I have also been rethinking about how I play my games. Using  the ONE HOUR WARGAMES scenario 2 again, I decided give this scenario another try, with just a little more planning. The rules used were Memoir of Battle, the only difference is the crossed swords symbols were ignored, except for the command figures. Any unit moving their complete move on the road got an extra move. Each army had six units and one commander. The first army to lose 2/3 of their army would lose the battle, although they had to try to capture the hill and crossroads. At the beginning of each turn, both sides will roll for initiative. Both sides would have the same units as the last game, except that the British would have a fourth infantry unit instead of "skirmishers".

British at the top of the picture, Boers at the bottom.

End of the first move.

British wins the initiative roll. They manage to force two infantry units and an artillery unit to retreat, the artillery losing half it's strength.  It just might be a quick game!

The Boer counterattacks. The rightmost gun kills 2/3 of the cavalry unit. The Boer cavalry kills 2/3 of the other cavalry unit and makes it rout.

The Boers have the initiative. he Boer cavalry eliminates one cavalry unit.

The British counterattack eliminates the Boer cavalry. 

The British get the initiative. The cavalry attacks the Boer unit that the Boer general is with.  The general is killed.  The Highlanders defeats the Boer artillery. 

The Boers on their turn eliminates an infantry and cavalry unit.

At this point either side can win the game. The British wins the initiative. They eliminate one infantry unit, but the second unit is forced to retreat.

The Boers take a gamble and uses their turn to reestablish their line.

The Boers gamble pays off. They get the initiative and manages to wipe out the Highlanders; the British have lost 2/3 of their army and must retreat.

I didn't take in consideration the lost of the general. However, the general figure did add a dice to the unit it was attached to  so it did play an important part to the army.  Once again the game from setup to the end was around an hour. I must admit a little extra planning makes for a more enjoyable game.

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