Monday, June 22, 2015

Back to Square (or Hex) One

      Kaptain Kobold's comment in my last posting had me start reevaluating my game board. I went back through some of my previous posting and realized that as far as terrain goes, I was taking a big step backwards. Many of the terrain pieces I bought specifically for use with Heroscape terrain. The most recently bought trees work great with Heroscape. I have repainted some of my Heroscape terrain with the same paint I used on the most recent boards and coated them with clear rubber spray. Next game I will use this Heroscape board.

     I also finished my new Boer horseman figure.  I do believe that I overthought this mold. After pouring several figures, the head wasn't forming right. I believe I overdid the vents. The vents were filling up fine, but the hat just wouldn't form. I cut a small vent from the hat to another vent. I also left one of the larger vents blocked; that seemed to help. I also found the original mold and had as much luck with this mold as the new one. Next mold I'll scale back on the vents.
The newly painted Heroscape terrain with a few landscape pieces on it.

The new Boer figures on the left, the old mold Boers on the right. The right hand figures have lots of flash on them but should clear up nicely. I am thinking of making a mold of the British Camel Corps from the Sudan next.

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