Saturday, June 20, 2015

Anglo-Boer Wargame

   While trying to decide which figure to make a mold of next, I came across some previously cast Peter Laing Boer horsemen. I have decided to try another mold of this figure, the first one having several defects.

    I also had time to get a game in today. I would use a ONE HOUR WARGAME scenario (number 2) with modified Memoir of Battle rules. As the game was based on the first Anglo-Boer War,  I decided that infantry would only move one, but could also fire after moving.

   This game has the objective of taking two terrain features, a hill and a crossroad.  The Red army (the British Army) has three infantry units, one skirmisher unit, and two cavalry units. The Blue army (Boers) has three infantry, two artillery, and one cavalry units.
The British army is at the top of the picture, the Boers on the bottom. The goal of the battle is to hold the hill and crossroads.

End of the first move. The British have seized the hill and has their Skirmishers (Highlanders) advancing rapidly towards the crossroads with cavalry support.  The Boers move their cavalry towards the center to counter any cavalry attack.

End of turn two.

Turn 3; British move.  The red lancers attack the Boer infantry on the road, trying to make them retreat. The two infantry units on the hill come down to engage the guns.

The Boer cavalry and infantry tries to force back the lancers. The Boer artillery forces both infantry units to fall back to the hill.

The Red lancers kill two of the Boer cavalry. The Highlanders capture the crossroads. The Blue lancers attack one of the batteries.

Two Boer infantry units tries to recapture the crossroads, but the Highlanders hold fast. The Boer artillery fires canister at the Blue lancers, with devastating results.

Turn 5. The Red lancers force the Boer cavalry off the field. The Blue lancers eliminate one Boer gun.

The Boer infantry takes the crossroads, forcing the Highlanders to retreat. The last Boer gun tries to hit the Blue lancers, with no success. The Boer infantry on the left pushes towards the hill.

Turn 6. The British hits the Boers from three sides at the crossroads. Both infantry units  at the hill attack the solitary Boer unit. The Blue lancers try but fail to take the gun.

The only success for the Boers is to finally eliminate the Highlanders.

Turn 7. The British overrun the Boers at the crossroads. The Boers have lost 2/3 of their army.  They decide to retreat.

I must admit that I am finding the ONE HOUR WARGAMES scenarios make getting games in easier. I also have several different BATTLE CRY variants which might work well with these scenarios. I should also start looking into Charles Grants' different scenario books. I find his maps have a lot of terrain features; maybe picking the main features and eliminating some of the "clutter" would help.


  1. You'll find that unless you allow diagonal movement some of the scenarios don't translate to a square-grid very well - anything which involves a rapid move from A to B within a time-limit is a bit tricky..

  2. You are correct. I think squares work best when using armies that fight in formations, such as the SYW and AWI. Wars where the formations more fluid work better with hexes. I am still working on getting the right size playing fields that give me enough room for terrain pieces and fits on the limited space I have. This might have worked better on Heroscape terrain. Also, I did not give units on the road any benefit for being on the road, which I should have. However, this was definitely a one hour war-game, from start to finish.