Friday, June 19, 2015

A Napoleonic Wargame

    My wife had to work late on Wednesday, so I decided to get in a quick game. I also made a new board, which is divided into 9X9 two inch squares. I figured that this would simplify my using ONE HOUR WARGAMES scenarios and armies.

     I rolled for the scenario, which came up  as a 1. Basically two hills with two armies facing each other. I decided to use my 1st gen Minifigs Napoleonics ( I actually forgot that the next day was the 200th anniversary of Waterloo). I used Command & Colors; Napoleonics for the movement and fire.

  The British army rolled and had 4 infantry, 1 light infantry, & 1 cavalry units. The French army had 4 infantry, 1 artillery, & 1 light infantry unit.
British army at the top of the photo, the French at the bottom.

The fFrench artillery opens fire at long range and hits the Rifles.

The end of turn three. The British are losing heavily. Where the "retreat" dice is, this unit had to retreat but as the cavalry was directly behind it, it suffered another loss.

The British manage to force back the French center.

The French counter attack eliminates  three British units. Once again the British infantry is forced back two spaces, but the cavalry is once again in the way; that infantry unit is wiped out.

The British cavalry charges but has no success.

The French attack breaks the British army.

It was a quick game. I think for C&C: Napoleonics to work you need larger armies as it gets pretty bloody.

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