Thursday, July 3, 2014

Deja vu All Over Again.

       In my last posts I have mentioned recent purchases of Micro Machine tanks and Minifigs 1st generation ACW figures. So I decided to get a game in; however out came the Peter Laings again!  I was going to use Chris Salanders Horse & Musket 2.0 rules on a squared off board. Having just finished "Donnybrook"  a book on the first battle of Bull Run, Bull Run would be used again. I would roll 5 Battle Cry dice to decide what units could move, based on the image that came up.

   Once the battle started the game quickly slowed down. Some moves only 1 or 2 units were moving. Once battle was joined, using the Horse & Musket rules individual figures would be retreating instead of the whole unit. This can lead to widely scattered figures throughout the field. After about 45 minutes I went back to using Bob Corderys Memoir of Battle rules.  The game quickly picked up. However, the game played out as the "Battle of Sow Creek" with basically the same result. Needless to say there's no need to recap it again, although I have added a few pictures so as to highlight the Peter Laing figures.
The Union line.

The Confederate army.

The Confederate cavalry flank the Union right.

The Union start to break the rebel line.

The Union try to turn the Confederate right.....

....and breaks the line.

The lessons learned:  don't play the same scenario so close together.  Also, Chris Salander's rules are better suited towards skirmish style games with small number of figures.


  1. This looked like it was a very enjoyable wargames, and I was pleased to read that you enjoyed using my rules.

    All the best,

    Bob Cordery

    1. Bob, the fact that you use hexes or squares and your rules make for fast and fun games make them perfect for me. I must admit once I went back to your rules the game became much more enjoyable (not that Chris Saladners rules aren't great fun too); I think switching rules halfway through the game took something out of it for me. I really have to do more planning with games.