Friday, July 11, 2014

Fantasy Battle Cry

   While looking  at Battle Cry variants, I came across Fantasy Battle Cry rules by Tom Scutt. They seemed like they could be fun, although the rules haven't been play tested. I decided to do a quick game to see the potential. Caesars fantasy figures were used for the game. For armies I used dwarves and skeletons.

     The forces of evil needs command of iron producing mines for their weapons. This means they need to take on the tough dwarves of the mountains.
Dwarves are at the top of the page, guarding their mine, the skeletons on the bottom moving to capture the mine.

The dwarf berserkers start piling up bones.

The skeletons quickly pay back the dwarves in kind.

The skeletons force back one unit of dwarves.

Although the dwarves have higher attack points, the skeletons are pushing the dwarves back towards their mine.

The dwarf thunder sticks cause large losses on one unit; another unit inflects 50% losses on a spectre unit.

The dwarves continue to fall back....

Except the rightmost unit, who continue to hold back several skeleton units.

One dwarf holds back three units of skeleton.

The skeletons just keep pushing forward.

The dwarves have been pushed back to the mine entrance.

The dwarf thunder sticks eliminates one skeleton unit.

And still one courageous dwarf holds off 10 skeletons!

The thunder stick unit trys to come to his aid, but too late. He is finally cut down and the dwarves retreat to their mine.

This dwarf was put aside to be marked for his courageous fight. 


  1. Hiya,

    I would be really intersted in seeing these rules - do you have a link you could share? Also, I would be keen to see the Battle Cry variants you mentioned in a previous post - Zulu Wars I believe - do you have a link to those at all?

    All the best,

    David Crook

  2. David,

    If you go to and go to resources that will show you several rule variants for Battle Cry. If you google Battle Cry Zulu War rules I think you can find a copy that way.