Monday, July 14, 2014

Off for a Week Camping

      My wife and I have traditionally celebrated our anniversary by going camping for a week and we are preparing to head out to New Hampshire.  This will give me time to go over my gaming plans. I am bringing along a couple of books that I've been meaning to read. For our anniversary we bought ourself a nice used pop up camper. Unfortunately, we just got it yesterday and didn't have time to register it, plus my truck needs some work to be able to tow it.

      With my recent posting, I found that since I started my blog I had been  spelling Bob Cordery's name wrong; an inexcusable mistake on my part. I went through correcting my mistakes and while doing so found that my blog seems to be one big broken record;  the games seem to be replayed and the same figures used. This is some food for thought on this trip. I am thinking of trying to start focusing in the Peter Laing figures themselves with pictures of them and trying to identify them by the catalog. Of course I think I say this every time I go on vacation. I have started trying to get from my collection one copy of every Peter Laing figure that can be used as masters for casting and for this project. After all, the main reason I started this blog was to try to get more photographs of Peter Laing figures online.

    I am thinking of making a larger playing board with my Heroscape terrain. I finally got most of it into a large tote. I am thinking of painting most of the pieces green instead of having all the different colors.
My Heroscape pieces finally in one place.

Our new camper with Molly. I'm sure Molly is thinking "Now you have plenty of room to take me with you!"  Hopefully we will be able to take her camping with us in the future.


  1. Thanks for correcting the spelling of my name. It is much appreciated.

    I like the look of your new camper. (I am not a fan of camping myself, but if you are going to go camping, then you might as well do it properly and with the best equipment you can get,)

    I hope that you gave a great anniversary holiday ... and that you manage to make some progress with your project.

    I also have a large amount of Heroscape terrain, and in the past I have painted and flocked some of it ... with varying levels of success. Flocked Heroscape looks great ... but can make it difficult to stack to form hills if the flocking is not done well.

    All the best,


    1. I tried to copy your flocking of Heroscape; the "grass" I used was shredded foam. The figures didn't stand well. For now I think painting is the way i'll go.
      One of my favorite shows is the BBC show "Top Gear". I told my wife we will have to watch when they go caravanning; somehow I think with me involved it might ten out like that show!

  2. Have a wonderful trip- enjoy!
    I look forward to hearing about it and your gaming plans too.
    Best wishes and Happy anniversary!

    1. Unfortunately not much planning was done on the war-game front, but we did have a nice week, besides the tornado watch and torrential downpours one night. Not the first time and it won't be the last.

  3. Hope you and your wife have a great anniversary break

    1. Ian, thank you, it was a nice week . What's more, we were incommunicado for the week as even our cell phones didn't have service. It was great!

  4. That just makes me even more envious!!
    (sat in a hotel room, typing on a work laptop with TWO mobile phones in front of me in a short break before I look at my work e-mails.......!)

  5. Donna and I started camping years ago because we couldn't afford to stay in a motel when we were on vacation. I the last couple of years we stayed at motels several times. Both of us agree that we sleep better camping in a tent than a nice comfortable motel room! No TV, no phones, no computers.....