Sunday, July 20, 2014

Future Plans

       My plan for future plans for this blog fell by the wayside while on vacation.  We didn't have any contact to the outside world as even our cell phones didn't work at the campsite we were at. However, I finally read David Green's "Blenheim" over the vacation and last night I dug out my Peter Laing WSS figures.

      I am leaning towards starting a new blog which I would try to catalog Peter Laing figures, as the original goal of this blog was to do that. As I am also interested in 1st generation 15mm Minifigs  the blog might expand to early 15mm figures. Wargame Hermit seems to have become showing my war-games more than anything. I do try to use my Peter Laings for the games to show them in action. As Peter Laing figures are hard to come by, I think the rules used where a good representation of an army with minimal figures shows that fun games can be played whiteout needing hundreds of figures on the board. For now I will continue with this blog.
I challenged my wife to play Robin Hood vs Friar Tuck stave fight. She declined.

We don't know if the tree grew in the split, or the tree split the rock. The rock itself was about 12 foot long and 7 foot high; a very large rock.

We had torrential downpours and severe thunderstorms (including  a tornado warning) for the first couple of days. I also had a leech attach himself to my foot when I went swimming (a first!), but near the end of the week the weather cleared and we finally had ideal weather as the storms broke the humidity.


  1. Looks a beautiful place - I am envious!

  2. They had canoes available for rent,unfortunately we never got out in one. However, we did go for a nice hike.