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Battle of Okehazama, 1560

     This game is played using different resources from different websites. This game is a samurai battle, the battle of Okehazama; the scenario is from the website The rules used are "The Cry of the Samurai" by Renaud Verlaque, which are based on "Battle Cry" rules. The rules can be found at

    The background is the Daimyo Imagawa Yoshimoto and his army is approaching the imperial capital. The Daimyo Oda Nobunaga, who has lost much land to Imagawa, launches a surprise attack on Imagawa's army.
The battle at the beginning. the army of Imgawa is red, the army of Oda is purple. The figures are from the Milton Bradley game "Shogun".

Imgawa's Ashigaru gunners  hit a unit of Ashigaru spearmen.

Imgawa has fallen back from his original position  and two Ashigaru spearmen units move to his defense.

In the rear of Imgawa's line are two units, one of Samurai archers and one Ashigaru spearmen.

These two units move forward to hit Oda's right flank.

Oda wisely falls back as a unit of Imgawa  Samurai hits a unit of his archers.

However, the archers wipe out the attacking Samurai. The spearmen push back Imgawa gunners.

On Oda's right his Samurai hit one unit of archers and wipes them out. The Ashigaru spearmen inflect heavy losses on a spear unit.

Imgawa's gunners on his right defeat the pesky spearmen.

Imgawa's spearmen defeat a unit of spearmen, but a unit of Oda's gunners have seized the hill before Imgawa. A unit of Ashigaru spearmen put themselves between the gunners and their master.

Oda's army loses heavily on the right.

The gunners are inflecting heavy losses on the spear unit, but they hold fast. (I don't remember how the red gunner on the left of the picture was lost!)

The Samurai and archers are slowly pushing Imgawa's army back on his left flank.

Imgawa's luck stays bad. Oda wins the initiative roll.The Samurai on the right pushes back the archers 3 spaces. I believe the Imgawa gunner on the left of the picture was killed by the Oda archer that was left, although he is not in the picture.

Another shot of Oda's Samurai pushing forward.

The situation at the end of the battle. Imgawa's army is badly mauled and scattered. He calls for a retreat. In the actual actual battle Imgawa's camp was overrun and he was beheaded.

A few notes on the game. The field is not exactly as shown in the scenario. The field is larger than in the rules. Once again I was rushing and didn't lay out the field as shown in the scenario. Also, the scenario showed where the units were positioned, but were using the "Art of Battle" units so I had to guess at what units to use from the "Cry of the Samurai" rules. As for  movement, both sides got 5 "Action Points" were units could move or fire.  If they still had one move and entered a hex next to an enemy unit, they could engage in hand to hand combat.  More thought has to be put into the rules  before the game starts when using different game systems. I set up a new table next to a window, which, even though it was a rainy day, still gave me better lighting than other posting.

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