Sunday, August 3, 2014

AWI Battle of Monmouth Courthouse

    This war-game was set up using various  rules from the different links provided in the earlier post. The battle scenario was from This scenario was written by Mark McGilchrist.  The battle of Monmouth was fought after the Baron Von Steuben had introduced a standard drill to the Continental Army.  As a result the army was able to slug it out with the British army. The battle was a draw, but the British generals must have been aware that this was not the same army they had fought the year before. Monmouth was fought in extreme heat, and as many men died from the heat as from battle.

    This scenario is based on the early phase of the battle when the advance guard of the Continental Army under General Charles Lee came into contact with the British Army, under General Cornwallis.
The Continental soldiers were holding their own against the British, but General Lee called for his troops to retreat.  When General Washington came up  and found his army in retreat, his normal imperturbable demeanor cracked and relieved Lee of command. General Washington personally rallied and led the troops forward.
Continental Army holds the treeline.

The view General Lee has of the battle.

Looking down the line from Lee's right flank.

British grenadiers assault the woods on Lee's right.

The British assault on Lee's left.

Cornwallis' left trys hard to clear the woods in front of them.

On Lee's right, the grenadiers and another battalion start clearing the woods.

But the Continentals are determined to hold.

The Continental dragoons attack the artillery, forcing it back. Another battalion of infantry moves forward out of the woods and hit the left flank of the British infantry.

The British attack on the right continues to push back the Continentals.

Cornwallis' light dragoons push back the Continental dragoons.

Lee's left flank.

The American dragoons push back the British dragoons.

Lee manages the stabilize his left flank.

However, the British attacking the woods on Lee's right have finally cleared the woods.

Now Lee's center is brought under heavy pressure.

A counter attack by the British on Lee's left start pushing his troops back.

Lee's center.

Another view.

The Continental dragoons slip by the British dragoons and force back one battalion of infantry.

The Continentals in the center woods counterattack and push back the grenadiers.

The artillery breaks the dragoons, and the British dragoons sweep around Lee's left flank.

The relentless pressure on the center woods finally break the Continentals. 

The end of the battle.

The rules used were a Battle Cry variant found here AWI Battle Cry rules. The figures used were 1st generation Minifigs which were spray painted blue for Continentals and Red for British. The grey figures are militia figures, which were used as regulars in this game.

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