Monday, August 18, 2014

Repainted Tin Soldiers

      Last year I bought a lot of semi flats from Ebay. When I bought them I thought several of the figures were newly made, as the paint job on them looked new. With the last couple of posting they were examined again and now I believe that they are old figures that the previous owner repainted. This adds fuel to those who say these figures deserve a fresh coat of paint.

   The rubber I use has a short shelf life once opened, and it seems that the most recent batch is past the half way mark towards being useless. I am now in a scramble to use it up. I decided to try a semi flat figure.  I was happy with the result, although the first few casting the head was somewhat deformed, which was caused be a thin flap of rubber at the mold break that I missed.  Unfortunately I haven't taken a photo of them yet as this posting is a hasty one before going to work.
At first I thought these were the same figures, but there are several differences in the pose.

I have several highlander figures, all wearing mini kilts.

One if the big selling points of this lot was these sailors (they would also make good Confederates).

The casing I made was of the marching guardsman. However, I used a figure whose paint job was in bad shape.

I posted this picture, which currently is my favorite semi flat. What I like about it is it  looks to me to be a Prussian infantryman from the 1840's; the helmet seems to be taller than those of the Franco Prussian War and he has the blanket or overcoat roll over his shoulder.

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