Saturday, June 28, 2014

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men.....

    With the out of state company gone and my wife back to work after vacation, I had high hopes to get a game in today. I just wanted to get "one small job" done besides the regular work. The small job took 3 hours and so once again there isn't time for the game. But with the beautiful weather I had to get Molly out for some fresh air. Of course after a while she went out back and confronted......

Young Thomas Turkey!

Luckily the turkey is young and Molly is old and the turkey won the race to the woods.

I have in the last week received two lots of Micro Machines which might come in handy in the future.  6 Sherman tanks and 6 Russian SU100 assault guns. They seem to fit well with my WW2 Peter Laings.  I have also just  made a new mold of PL WW2 American submachine gunners, which I think can pass as modern soldiers.                                                                                      
I got 3 olive drab and 3 camouflaged Shermans.
I wished I had some more of these for my Port Stanley game.


  1. John, the two SPGs are actually ISU 152s. Have a look at this link:

  2. Ian, Thank you for pointing out my mistake. That's what I get for not checking on a subject that's not my strong point.