Friday, June 20, 2014

New Books and ACW Minifigs

    As mentioned in an earlier posting, while in Maryland I spent an afternoon and a large amount of money at a bookstore with a large collection of military and history books. He mentioned that he sold 150 Osprey books to a dealer in my hometown. This week I finally got to stop by at that bookstore and purchased 15 Ospreys; I might have to make another run soon.

    With company staying for a week with us, all wargaming activities have pretty well stopped, which is difficult as I  just received a large lot of 15mm 1st generation Minifigs American Civil War figures. I also got my new rubber for making molds, which also is put on hold. I am going to try to start planning which figures will be used for molds. Among the candidates are Victorian Parade German goose-stepping officer and drummer, Victorian parade  cyclist, Sudan campaign camel corps (Egyptian and British) and WW2 American SMG ( these will form the base for modern armies using the Micro Machine tanks), Airfix marching Civil War infantry.
One of the original Ospreys from the 70's. The bookstore had several more of these that I would like to buy.

Another good book for my Micro Machines Memoir 1980 wargame.

I finally completed my Osprey Falklands set; also timely after my Port Stanley war-

Minifigs 1st generation Confederates firing.  I'm leaning towards using the Minifigs replacing the plastics that come with Richard Borg's Battle Cry game.

1st generation dismounted Confederate cavalry.

Union cavalry with carbines.

1st generation Zouaves with kepis. These are my personal favorites. As many early Union regiments wore this style uniform these might be used in a Battle Cry battle with units in dress uniform.

Reverse side of the Zouaves.

Rush's Lancers; another great figure.

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