Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time to Plan

       The last week I have had little time for wargaming, and the coming week is no better. In what little time there is, my mind continues to drift towards wargaming modern battles. Reading Pete Belli war-game reports on Board Game Geek using Memoir'44 rules has me wanting to use Micro Machines military vehicles with these rules. Pete Belli uses 1/72 plastic figures with the Micro Machines; an idea I was going to use. However, now I'm leaning towards using my Peter Laing WW2 figures.  Mr. Belli uses a modified set of rules,  Memoir' 80; a modern version of Memoir' 44. I have been trying to find these rules on line, without success.

   Below are some shots of the Micro Machines, next to some Peter Laings.

This vehicle is actually a Hot Wheels miniature. I think Hot Wheels tried to cash in on the Micro Machines craze. I really like this model of a Scorpion reconnaissance vehicle.

 U.S. M113 APC.

German WW2 Panther tank.

German Tiger tank.

 155mm howitzer.

 M1 MBT.

M2  Bradlee IFV


  1. Just catching up. Loved the Little Wars game and the look of the proposed regiments.

    I think these afv and the Peter Laings look good together. Should make for some interesting games.

    1. The Peter Laing and Micro Machines seem a good match. I have ordered more rubber to expand the Peter Laing WW2 figures.

      The Airfix Civil War figures still are among my favorites and deserve to be used.

  2. Replies
    1. If only they were still produced. I still think there would be a market for the tanks. Just look at the money spent on Ebay for them.

  3. Wouldn't have though if using Micro machines before. I have now acquired som WW1 tanks and aircraft to go with my WW1 Laings, though the one French tank is purportedly a Char 2c, but is actually the TOG1 concept tank!

  4. I have several of the Micro Macines WW1 tanks (including the "Char 2c", but once again I have misplaced those tanks! I also have several of the biplanes and triplanes.

  5. Yes, although they are worth looking for in 'job lots' of toy tanks. I have picked a few up that way, same as I have found several cheap diecast and plastic toy tanks that are a proper scale match for Minitanks

  6. That's a good idea. That's how I have gotten good buys on Peter Laings. There is a local "job lot" tore that a few years ago I got die cast military vehicles that were the same scale as Roco tanks. They went for .50 cents a piece. The cashier looked at me like I was nuts when I came up with a basket full of these toys. Once again I had seen them earlier but didn't buy them at that time. They didn't sell them after I cleaned them out.