Saturday, March 29, 2014

Off to Maryland!

         The wife and I are preparing to head off to Maryland this morning. Molly the dog is getting ready to go to her "camp" where she can bark all day and drive someone else crazy for a change.

      I hate to say it but the high point of this trip is the fact that I told my wife I was taking off by myself for a few hours so I can go to the bookstore I visited last time. This bookstore has a very large history section, much of it is military history. I would say just a 10' bookcase is filled with Civil War books and another bookcase is on British history. I didn't even get to check out the rest of the shelves last time.  I saved some extra money for this trip........

     The week will also be used to try to iron out ideas for my ancients wargame.  I might also put some time in to my Shiak-Brookshire Imagination campaign.