Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Weak Ankled Peasants and Other Odds & Ends

      My wife and I are planning for a weeks vacation, which will bring to a halt to my wargaming activities. However, this will also give me time to made some ideas of future wargame plans.

      My last posting was another war-game using ancients to fight the battle. While an enjoyable game, the background of it (a cross border raid) is becoming old.  I needed new ideas. While sitting outside giving my dog some outside time on an unseasonably warm day,  I reread Tony Baths first article on his Hyborian campaign in an old Battle magazine. It got me thinking of reading some of the  Conan stories by Robert Howard.  On Kindle I found some free samples of the stories. While reading these it made me think of trying to start a basic campaign game using my Peter Laing armies.  I have a map from a back issue of Lone Warrior magazine which will form the basis of this campaign. I see several city-states starting a period of expansion and exploration where they will run into other tribes.

      The ECW peasant figures posted earlier were just crying to be cast. The mold had issues. The peasant with the cudgel was weak ankled and the figures kept breaking at the ankles. A little cutting seemed to take care of the problem.

   Talking of Peter Laing peasants, Ross Macfarland of Battle Game of the Month blog sent me a collection of ECW, Renaissance, and several odds and ends Peter Laings. It had many figures I don't have, which shall be put aside for masters, including 2 Medieval peasant figures. Somehow I just think most people ignore the lowly peasants of the period who made up a large part of medieval armies.

           While looking for some other figures, I came across these figures, which when I bought them were advertised as Peter Laings.
These figures had no bases. They were based as regiments when I bought them and had a hard time taking them off  the base. I used a paper punch to cut out soft lead bases for them. These are another figure that I would like to cast. They were painted as you see them when I bought them.


  1. I always enjoy using the underdogs/militia/peasants/voluteers in my games -so much more fun than the elite units in my opinion.

  2. As can be seen in my past games, my games usually are just regulars. There might be some specialized troops but so far no special rules for militias or elites. I was playing with the idea of an American Revolution war-game using a Battle Cry variant where militia would have 3 stands and British grenadiers would have 5 stands. This is a variant I found on the web. Also with my newest ECW figures I might try using this variant in an ECW game when I get back from vacation. I really want to get those peasants into a game!