Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hyborian Border Raid

   Erilred  led his tribe of barbarians across the border on yet another  raid.  It took no time for the barbarians to have more than they could carry and they turned for home.  The commander of the border guard, Lord Rigal  gathered his forces to intercept the barbarians.  
The Border Guard is on the top of the page, the barbarians on the bottom.

The barbarians facing the border guard.

The barbarian cavalry on their right hits the guards causing 50% casualties but the unit holds fast.

The border guards inflect heavy losses on the barbarians. Lord Rigal tries to maneuver to hold the barbarian cavalry in check.  This turns out to be a disastrous mistake.

The border guards counterattack against the barbarian cavalry and causes 2/3 losses to them and forces them back.

Meanwhile on the barbarian left they attack Lord Rigal's cavalry and breaks them.

The barbarians continue their attack and eliminates the cavalry and kills Lord Rigal. The  guards have just lost their most powerful unit.

The barbarians are now slowly pushing the guards back. On the upper right of the picture can be seen the barbarian cavalry  attack. They have just caused heavy losses and pushed back one unit of guards.

The cavalry's followup attack they push back another unit.Meanwhile the barbarian infantry start turning the guards left flank.

The barbarian cavalry keeps up the pressure.

The regular guards try to keep the barbarian cavalry from turning their right.

The guards turn on their pursuers and eliminates them.

The guards archers manage to take the woods....

.....and  causes heavy losses to another barbarian unit.

The barbarian cavalry eliminates the regular guards and threatens to cut off the retreat  of the border guards.

Meanwhile the barbarian spearmen defeat a unit of guards archers.

The guards rally and try to push back the barbarian cavalry.

The barbarians massacres the guards left flank and the cavalry turns to cut off the retreating archers.

The barbarians finishing off the guards.

The archers, surrounded, surrenders.

In this game both sides had 9 units; first side to lose 5 units is defeated.  Even when one side loses  5 units, I continue to play until  the end of the turn.  For the guards it was a disastrous turn.  They lost 4 units in this one turn.

I had originally planned to use some Peter Laing Picts that Ian Dury had sent me. However, they were so well glued to their bases that I wasn't able to have them rebased in time for this game.

The rules used were modified Battlelore.


  1. John, I really like how you are building this series of battles into a continuing story, I am looking forwards to the next instalment!

  2. Actually I started reading some of the "Conan" stories which Tony Bath's Hyborian Campaign was based on. It has started to make me think of starting a different project. I think it will get boring fast if it's just raids and trying to stop them.