Saturday, March 1, 2014

Peter Laing Homecast Victorian Parade Rifles

Here are a couple of shots of homecast Victorian Parade Rifles officers and buglers. Unfortunately, no riflemen! These figures got me on a casting and painting kick, leading up to a war-game using the recently cast and painted Peter Laings. The rifles took part and didn't disappoint. Their part in the battle is one of the actions which made the game so enjoyable.

The company  who makes the gloss enamel paints don't make a dark green in high gloss. Instead, hobby acrylics were used and then coated with a high gloss lacquer, which seemed to work ok.


  1. great figures ,could you tell me a little of how to homecast? thanks

  2. Thank you Alan. If you go under Molds, Mold Making and homecasting, my earlier posting showed how I make the molds and cast the figures. If you have interest in it, I could list (or try to figure out how to link) manufacturers that sell supplies for casting.

  3. John, I think these are my favourite of all of the casts you have done so far

  4. Ian, They are among my favorites,too. Hopefully the lessons learned making this mold will work with future molds.