Saturday, April 5, 2014

Newest Books from Maryland

We arrived home last night from Maryland and have finally settled down enough to do a posting on the books purchased there. If you are in Maryland near Havre De Grace, I recommend a stop at the Courtyard Bookshop if you are a history buff.  A very large collection of military history books at very reasonable prices.
I only wish they had more of the Battle magazines.

This book is full of photographs of Civil War Zouaves.

I have quite a few Peter Laing WW1 Turks. I bought this book with the hope it would inspire me to do a war-game using the PLs.

While I've never had much interest in the SCW,  I never have read much on it and felt this might be worth reading to give a little history of the war.

I already have the companion volume on infantry so this was a must.
This book has a series of nice color plates and only cost $10.00.

I already have a copy of this book; I have misplaced my original  and this copy was so cheap that it was worth the price.

This is a locally produced book. Havre De Grace was subject to a British raid in the War of 1812. The landing site is just around the corner from the bookstore.

For me the pick of the lot.


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    1. After buying these books the dealer mentioned that the owner of a bookstore in the town I live in bought a lot of 130 Ospreys from him and I might want to stop by his store.......

  2. A fine haul indeed- but where to start reading...

    1. Most of these books I bought thinking that I might need them in the future. I actually started reading some of "The Rucksack War", where it was explaining the make up of the Grenada Army. It has me thinking of a little "Banana Republic" style game. Also, in one of the Military Illustrated magazines it had an article about the making of the 1968 movie "Charge of the Light Brigade". Unfortunately it was a two part article and I could only fine part two.

  3. As Ross said, quite a haul!
    I have a lot of the old Battle magazines myself, so let me know which ones you got and I will see if we have any we can swap scanned copies of.
    Also, I must find out about that Belgian Army book, I haven't seen it before

  4. Do you know how many issues there were of "Battle" magazine? I think I have all the issues when they changed the name from "Battle" to "Battle for Wargamers".

    The book on the Belgium Army has the title "from the Moritz Ruhl Series The Army of Belgium Ca. 1900. I will try to scan or photograph some of the plates soon.

  5. I will sort out a list of which battle magazines I have and email you

  6. I looked on e-Bay for Ruhl booklets - cheapest I saw was $26, so you got a really good deal on those Belgian plates

  7. I really wasn't going to buy this book. However the quality of the illustrations for the price couldn't be passed up.