Monday, April 14, 2014

Ruhl's "The Army Of Belgium Ca. 1900"

   Since coming home from vacation I haven't had much time to work on my hobbies, and an earlier attempt to scan some shots of the prints from Moritz Ruhl Series of "The Army of Belgium Ca 1900" was a failure.

   After resting for a week I tried again and finally got some of the prints downloaded.


  1. Splendid pictures,thanks for scanning them for us to see. Do you know "Vanished Armies" by J Haswell Miller/ It is an utterly inspirational book filled with fantastic paintings of uniforms...

  2. Ross sent me 10 guardsmen which I have painted up as Danish/Lurland Foot Lifeguard. I wondered if I could take up your kind offer of some more figures so i could raise some British Guards units for a non winter scenario?
    Many Thanks

    1. If you forward your address to me I will be happy to send you some reinforcements.

  3. I have seen the cover of "Vanished Armies" on other blogs and have thought of buying it but never did. It is available on Kindle; I have ordered a new Kindle and will probably order "Vanished Armies" for it.

  4. Alan,
    I have sorted out some Guardsmen for you, along with a few other figures that might be useful. If you send me you address at my email: I will send you those figures.