Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fun with Airfix Castle and Peter Laing Medievals

While looking in the basement I found my old Airfix castle. Wondering if it would work with 15mm figures I brought it up and tried it out with my Peter Laings. The 15mm figures seem to look more in place than 20mm figures. Instead of the usual wargame,  I just took some shots of the castle occupied by Peter  Laings.

Knights riding out on patrol.

The castle under siege.

The lord of the castle, in green hat, observes the besiegers from the highest tower.

The besiegers prepare to fire a projectile that looks suspiciously like a piece of dry dog food.

The garrison launches a sortie against the enemy.


  1. Love seeing the old Airfix castle in use - I will have to dig Mine out!

  2. I also found my Airfix Roman fort; unfortunately it was in pieces.

  3. I have one of those plus the parts for a second - and several of the foreign legion fort that I have long planned to build into a bigger fort like the ones in the old Airfix magazine annual - do you have a copy of that article?