Friday, November 22, 2013

Another 15mm Peter Laing Medieval Battle

       In the last battle report, my photography took a big step back.  I moved my set up to a different spot. Also, I had gone out and bought a portable work light to try to improve the lighting.  The result was far from a success as could be seen from the photos.
     I cleaned off my desk in the room and found that there was room for the Heroscape field I have been using. The lighting is more even in this area, so it seems maybe the lighting problem was solved. I also started playing with some of the rules, combining the Battledore dice with the Battle Masters defense dice. I decided to set up a simple battle to try the rules out. It would consist of two Medieval armies.  The armies were picked using the army point system; by the time I finished the armies had the same units!  I didn't think out the scenario as the last few games; it would be easy enough to pick out to Hyborian countries and decide on why they are battling.  Part way through the battle I wasn't impressed with my rules and switched back to the rules I have been using. One drawback to this set up is that I can't go behind one sides rear line. I find that it helps to see the battle from their view, as sometimes you can see some opening that you miss from one viewpoint. After the battle I also noticed that the battlefield was Agincourt all over again! Just to make it easier, this battle consists of a chance battle between the French Army and English Army.
The French Army on the top of the page, the English Army on the bottom. All photos are shot from the English point of view.

Both sides send light troops to seize the woods on both flanks to position archers to harass the foe. In this shot the English has moved up medium infantry to drive off the French on the English right flank.

The French has captured the woods on the English left flank.

The English foot knights take on a unit of French Men-at-Arms. The French knights start their attack.

Meanwhile, on the English left the English troops start pushing back the French light troops in the woods.

On the English right, the woods are about to fall into the English hands.

In this photo, the English knights have routed one French knight unit (they can be seen in the background) and uses it's pursuit to attack the other French knight unit.
The result: one knight lost and the unit forced to retreat.

A shot at the end of the turn. The English seem to have broken the French center.

The French knights rally and counterattack.

And routs one English knight unit .
The other French knights push back the English knights, but doesn't pursue them as it would put the dismounted knights on their flank.

The English knights eliminate two french knights and forces the third to retreat. On it's pursuit  the English kills the last knight.

The English knights defeats the last of the French mounted knights and wins the day.


  1. Great to see those wonderful figures in action! Which rules do you use now?

  2. Ian, The rules I'm using are Battlelore basic rules, with a few changes from Command & Colors; Ancient. I will have to study C&C;A a little closer if I continue gaming the Hyborian battles. In the last battle I used the Egyptian chariot as a direct assault weapon; instead of raining arrows while passing near the enemy.