Sunday, December 1, 2013

15mm Peter Laing WW1 African Campaign Figures

In another blog (unfortunately I can't find it now), the poster brought up the African campaign in WW1 and lamented about not having Peter Laing WW1 African figures, and if they were still available.  Unfortunately they are not available.  The posting made me think of the figures I do have and thought of showing a few of the figures.

Porter and two Askaris

The figure on left I believe is a European Schutztruppe soldier; I painted to use as  Boer War Imperial Yeomanry. The Schutztruppe pinned their hats up on the right.

A Boer War Imperial Yeomanry cavalryman, which could be used for the African campaign.


  1. John - the figure on the left of your second picture is indeed a German Schutztruppe, that on the right a German Askari. Peter also produced a very nice German sailor - just right for one of the crew of the Konigsberg. I have a small German colonial army - badly in need of re-basing anmd re-furbishing, including converted Askari MGs (German WW1 with a replacement Askari head), mountain guns (cut-down British colonial "screw" gun with converted british colonial artillery gunners, again with Askari heads) and even a "Konigsberg" gun (British WW1 6" howitzer carriage with a new barrel from aluminium tube and a plastic card shield). My mounted schutztruppe (still to be painted) are WW1 Anzac cavalry with the hat turned up on the same side as the infantry figure.

  2. Ian- I did get a lot of German sailors and agree that they would be good for the Konigsberg crew. I also have figures that look like British infantry with Wolseley helmets. By using these figures and Colonial Indians one could have a good battle of Tanga. I have also thought of using the Askaris and Boer War Boer figures to war-game the movie "Shout at the Devil', starring Lee Marvin and Roger Moore.

  3. The Wolsey Helmet figures are British for Gallipoli and Palestine, but would work equally well for British or South Africans in East Africa. If you have any colonial Sudanese, these would work well as KAR for the later parts of the campaign

  4. The last few days I've been thinking of using some of the Peter Laing figures that I've never used. I finally used my U.S. Cavalry and Indians (battle report to follow) and have been wanting to use my Askaris and Colonial Indian figures. I have a couple of the Sudanese, but I did make a mold of them and it is a good idea for KAR. I might have to cast a few.

  5. If you want any details on the campaign in East Africa, let me know as I have a number of books on the subject