Sunday, December 15, 2013

Another 15mm Peter Laing Hyborian Battle

        In the last month I have had little time for wargaming. It was very galling as I had received the large lot of Peter Laing ancients but had little time to do anything with them. The last few days I was determined to get a game in. I went back and forth between a 19th century European or using my new Peter Laings. The new figures won out.  I got some of the new infantry based on washers. They look like barbarian style figures, that could be used as ancients or medieval peasant types.

      I once again decided on using the Hyboria campaign for inspiration.  A large force made up of northern barbarians have been seen moving towards Belveros in Nemedia. King Dver of Nemedia gathered his army and shadowed the Barbarian army, which was on the west side of the river.  Dver was waiting for the right time to strike at the barbarians. Ered, the general in charge of the barbarians, was trying to find a spot in the river where he could cross the river in force. He found it at the "snake bend",  where a rockslide had blocked the river; the depth had dropped to waist depth.  Here was where the barbarians would cross.
The Nemedia Army at top, under King Dver. The Barbarian army under Ered on the bottom. The river is passable the entire length.

King Dver sends units across the river to grab the hill at the river bend. The archers at the right pushed back the barbarians at the base of the hill. 

Ered sends his cavalry against the Nemedia right flank. 

King Dver now realizes that the barbarians mean to turn his right flank.  He decides to use the woods to slow down the barbarians.

The barbarians have almost cleared the woods of the Nemedian archers.

The Nemedian infantry manager to push back the barbarian cavalry.The Nemedia infantry has almost cleared the hill of barbarians and send more infantry across the river.

The barbarian cavalry tries to ride around the woods to cut off the archers.

The knights move forward to stop the barbarian cavalry.

The Nemedia push the barbarians back from the woods and are trying to capture the hill.

The barbarians try to cross the river on the Nemedia left, but are met by Nemedia Men at Arms.

The barbarian cavalry hits the knight unit pushing it back and killing 2/3 of them.

The Nemedia army continues to hold the woods.

The barbarians continue to force back the Nemedians holding the woods, but  cannot break them.

The Nemedia knights finally eliminate one cavalry unit; the other is routed and falls back across the river.

The barbarians finally carry the woods, and kills the last of the knights.

What's more the barbarians start clearing the Nemedians off the hill.

The the Nemedia left, one of the men at arms unit starts across the river.

The barbarians try to cut off a unit of men at arms.

The other Nemedia knight unit moves forward  to help clear the woods.

At the upper left of the picture the Nemedia men at arms is pushing a barbarian unit  back to the edge of the battle. The knights have pushed another unit into the river.

In this battle I rolled to determine how many units could move in their turn. The barbarians kept rolling  3's,  and when they did get good rolls they didn't get the right rolls to kill the enemy.

The men at arms on the top left have pushed the barbarian unit off the field. At this point both sides have eliminated five units and whoever eliminated  the next unit wins the day. The figure in the back holding up the sword is Ered, leader of the barbarians.

The men at arms close in on Ered. The last of the barbarian cavalry comes to his defense.

The result of the  skirmish. The men at arms kill the last cavalrymen, winning the battle, however they roll a "retreat", which allows Ered to escape.

The victorious men at arms at the end of the battle.

This shows the battlefield in the center. The victorious men at arms crossed the river at the bend, marched and defeated a unit of barbarians (which was next to the unit on the upper left), then turned right and at the upper right of the picture.

A close up of the men at arms unit that won the day. Very easy to identify by the big "M" in their shields.

This battle tended to get a little aggravating as the barbarians just kept getting bad dice rolls at the wrong time.


  1. Looks like a fun game. I have fond memories of some of those medieval troops.

  2. It was a fun game; I think I will look at more of the Battlelore rules to see if I can improve the games. I should also start rereading the Hyboria articles in "Battle" magazine for ideas for battles.
    I am kicking myself now for not picking up a large lot of Peter Laing Medievals a few months ago.