Friday, December 6, 2013

Newest 15mm Peter Laing Ancients

As my last post mentioned, here are some of the  Peter Laing figures I just purchased. Having spent most of my time wargaming Horse & Musket, I don't even know what most of the figures are. I also got quite a few 1st generation Minifigs ancients.
I got five of these elephants. I'm not sure if these are Peter Laing or Minifigs,.

What I believe is a Persian horse archer.

This is the third of this style elephant I have. 

Telling by the shape of the shield,  I think it's a Persian cavalryman.

One of the big finds for me were some ECW-WSS Cuirassiers.

Having quite a few Medieval mounted knights and foot soldiers in the collection, I believe this is a knight painted to look ancient.

While I have no immediate plans to repaint any of the painted figures, this figure might be the exception.

I'm not sure what army this chariot represents. I got seven of these; using the rules I have that gives me three units with a spare.

  I still haven't got a count on the lot. I do know that  besides some individual figures, there are enough of each figure to make several units of each.


  1. Looks like a good haul. I just remembered that there is a bag on Peter Laings at the back of my cupboard, unpainted figures my bro-in-law left behnd. I mst did them out and see what's there. Mostly 16th C I think.

  2. If you do find them maybe you could post some photos on one of your blogs. I'm sure other Peter Laing fans would love to see them. One reason I started this blog was to maybe in some small way increase interest in Peter Laing figures and have people remember about Peter Laings they have somewhere in their collections.