Saturday, November 9, 2013

Vendhya Invades Khauran; A Hyborian Battle

         After his victory against the Zuagir Army, General Mingol was expected to disband his army of levy militia. However, as word of his victory spread throughout Vendhya, and the people sang the praise of General Mingol,  King Umgak grew concerned about General Mingol and his reluctance to disband his army.  The peasant levies, flushed with the sudden fame and wealth from looting the battlefield, rallied around General Mingol.  King Umgak had to keep the army busy, at least until he could gather his professional army that was scattered throughout Vendhya.  He therefore proposed using the army for a raid on Khauran. Khauran was a wealthy city-state and was bound to have many riches.  The army hearing the news rallied around General Mingol's tent. For General Mingol the decision was made up for him.  However, he asked the king for some heavy units. The king agreed, but instead of sending heavy cavalry or infantry, he sent a unit of elephants!  And so the Vendhya army moved out.

   The Khauran king found out of the planned invasion and ordered his army out. The army was made up of heavy units only.  The plan was to hold a pass in the mountains that formed the border between Vendhya and Khauran.
The Khaunran Amry is on the top made up of 2 heavy cavalry and 6 heavy infantry units.
The Vendhya Army is on the bottom. It has 1 heavy cavalry (elephants) 1 medium cavalry and 2 medium  infantry units, 2 light cavalry units, 3 archer units and 7 light infantry units. For a Khauran units they must capture 8 units; for a  Vendhya victory 4 units.

The Vendhya right flank made up of 2 medium, one light unit (the heroes of the battle against the Zuagir) and a light cavalry unit. They are going to try to flank the Khauran Amry through a pathway in the mountains.

The Vendhya send forward their archers to harass the slow moving Khauran infantry. They manage to eliminate  1/3 of a cavalry unit.

3 units of Khauran infantry prepare to block the path.

The rest of the army move forward to face the majority of the Vendhya Army.

The Khauran cavalry,  being harassed by the archers, charge the archers, against the original battle plan of protecting the army's right flank. 

Meanwhile the Vendhya right flank moves forward into the path.

The archers succeed in wiping out the cavalry unit. What's worse, the Khauran General led the charge and was killed.

On the path the battle stalls.

The Vendhya finally forces the Khauran infantry to retreat.

The slow moving Khauran infantry cannot close with the archers, so the last cavalry unit attacks  to try to drive them off. They fail.

The archers eliminate the cavalry; with the Khauran infantry within range, General Mingol orders forward his elephants.

The elephants close on the first infantry unit.

It forces the first unit to retreat and turns on the next unit.

The Khuaran infantry hits back, killing half the unit and routing the rest.

The elephants rally and continue their attack. Meanwhile on the path the fight bogs down.

The Khauran infantry beats the elephants (it was to be Vendhya only lost unit)  and then pull back the  infantry unit that is down to 1/4. That unit forms the support of the other units.  By having support the units are "bold" and can ignore one retreat flag.

However, one of the archer unit works it's way around the Khauran flank and wipes out the  weakened unit. The Khauran Army has lost 4 units and concedes the battle.

Another shot of the end of the battle.

The back line of the Vendhya Army. 9 units of the Vendhya army were never engaged . It seems King Umgak might have just cause for his concern about General Mingol!


  1. I like the look of the terrain and figures together, especially the towering mountains surrounding the pass. It awakens the imagination.

  2. I only wished I had bought more of the Heroscape terrain when it first came out.