Wednesday, November 20, 2013

15mm Peter Laing Egyptians; Hyborian Battle

       The Vendhya Army had rampaged through Khauran, looting as they went. General Mingol decided against trying to take the capital. The loot taken was greater than expected and General Mingol turned the army towards home.  One of his tribal leaders wasn't satisfied. He suggested that the army head south, to the land of Stygia, an ancient land to Hyboria and rarely visited.  It is said to have shrines to their gods built of gold. General Mingol agrees, but sends the tribal leader who suggested it as commander. He is given a large part of the army, while General Mingol will keep a small escort to protect the loot of the army. After all, what does General Mingol have to lose? If the raid is a success there is just that more loot. If the army is lost there's more of the loot from Khauran for him.
     In Hordes of the Things, Stygia is described as "The oldest, most magical and most evil nation in Hyboria, basically Egyptian. This gave me a chance to use the Egyptian Peter Laing figures that I have. They were among the first PL figures I got. While most of them are infantry, I do have two chariots, enough for a chariot unit.
Stygia army on top, Vendhya army on bottom. I had to set this battle up in another area and had to start from scratch trying to get the lighting right.

Stygia Army. They positioned their light infantry in the front. The chariot unit is on the hill.

The Vendhya Army right flank.

The Vendhya Army left flank. The figures in red cloaks are Khauran mercenaries, of which Vendhya hired 2 unit of, to make up for their lack of heavy infantry.

The Vendhya archers eliminated one of the chariots, prompting it to attack prematurely.

The battle in the center bogs down.

One Stygia medium infantry unit was having great success pushing back the Vendhya right flank. However, it had no support and the Vendhya troops started to work around it to cut it off. (The Stygia unit is the unit with yellow shields)

The Stygia unit manages to evade getting surrounded.

Looking down the line from the Vendhya right flank.

 Stygia pulls back one light infantry unit to make room for the elite guards to come into line.

The guards take out two light infantrymen. On their turn the Vendhya push back the guards.
The Vendhya left flank pushes back the Stygia right flank. This shot is after the Vendhya wipes out a Stygia light unit, to win the victory.

Once again the same Vendhya light infantry unit wins the day. This is the same unit that won the day in the battle against the Zuagir Army. Since that first battle I have kept this unit together. During this battle I wasn't really paying attention to it; now it's becoming the best known unit in the Vendhya Army.


  1. Aha! I was wondering why I hadn't seen any posts in a while, it seems your blog somehow slipped out of my recently updated list even though I was still on the full list of blogs on the reading panel, which I rarely check. I've had a couple of blogs fall off recently , no idea why. I've just been catching up.

    Love the Peter Laing figs and the hex based Hyborian games. I've been toying with a similar idea myself but with squares. I looked at using HOTT as a base but wandered off in another direction.

    I'm glad I found you again.


    1. Ross,
      Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy you blog and hopefully mine brings you a little enjoyment.

      I am once again limited in space to play my games and find the Heroscape fits on my desk and has the same number of hexes as Battle Cry or Battlelore. I am thinking of painting the hexes the same way Bob Condrey has painted his.

  2. I really like these battle reports John - they take me back to reading the original series of "Hyboria - the campaign that grew" all those years ago

    1. Ian,
      When I first got into wargaming of course I found Donald Featherstone, who talked of "Wargaming by Narrative". The Hyborian campaign is ideal for this and is providing me with plenty of ideas for games.