Tuesday, November 12, 2013

15mm Peter Laing Eye Candy; The Reason Why

        A couple of weeks ago I was sitting outside while my dog took in the sun. When I first got back into wargaming I started a log to keep a history of the battles fought.  I brought this log out to read while waiting on Molly.  The first battles were brief descriptions but after a few stories the stories got longer and longer; one going on 30 pages! Even I could only suffer through about 3 pages before calling it quits.
     I relate this because I have found myself questioning this blog. Usually any new posting will bring about 12 hits a day; if I skip a day or two it will drop to between 0-2 hits. This has been about how it's gone since I've started it.  Is it worth continuing it? I also questioned why I started it in the first place. One reason was that when I first started looking for Peter Laing figures and Googled looking for pictures, there were maybe 8 to 12 pictures of them. I was hoping that by having lots of posting marked Peter Laing in the headlines and having photos of them might get more photos of PLs figures on Google. With the help of Ian Dury I think that maybe this blog succeeded in that goal.
    I also wondered how long the blog would stay online without updating it before it was taken off line.  While the battle reports aren't the best, I find them more bearable to read than my first log and with the photos, it is better than the crude maps I drew.  For now I'll continue with the blog and my battle reports, as now I print them and put them in a loose leaf binder.

    Now for the eye candy; an Elephant battery from the Indian Mutiny. This I believe shows that Peter Laing figures can rival the best of them. By the way, these were bought online already painted.
I went out and bought a new light .  I rushed this photo  but with a little more work hopefully  the pictures will improve.


  1. I hope that you keep your blog going, albeit only updating it once in a while.

    All the best,


  2. Seconded - I for one try to check look out for it whenever I can

  3. For now I plan to keep going with it. Right now I'm going to try to clear my cellar of a lot of the junk, including thousands of plastic toy soldiers, both 1/72 and 1/32 (if you know anyone who wants figures let me know.) If nothing else I"ll try to download more photos of different Peter Laing figures.