Thursday, October 31, 2013

Famous Monsters Game

As today is Halloween, I figured I would finish up with my monster themed posting with the first set of toy monsters I got back in the early 80's, Heritage USA "Famous Monsters" game. The game came with figures, paints, rules and a map to play on. The game also came with instructions on how to paint the figures. I must admit, for a first try I was happy with the outcome.
The village people.

The Heroes

The baddies. Actually in the game Dr. Frankenstein and Ygor can be either good or bad.

Dracula and his bride. 

Dracula tries to drive off some particularly annoying door to door salespeople..

I have never played the game, having lost the original rules and map. I have since downloaded the rules. I could see this being set up with Dungeons and Dragons style scenery. I believe Prince August once had molds for wall and doors that I was going to buy but didn't.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Wish I'd picked this up back in the day. You can get the minis now as recasted from the original masters/molds and the rules as a PDF but having really grey old lead colouring your hands makes it more worthwhile!

  2. I actually found my original rules for these figures. I should take a look at them again. I originally bought these more because I was a fan of the old horror movies.

  3. I was lucky to keep my original game with everything and then scored a brand new set on Ebay. Awesome memories!

  4. I bought mine from a bookstore with a large occult section, that I believed was owned by a witch. I also bought some fantasy figures that I believe were produced by Heritage. Perhaps for Halloween I will try to use the Famous Monsters in a solo game.