Saturday, October 19, 2013

Future Plans for my Peter Laing Ancients

       While using the Battlelore game with Peter Laing figures, I started reading a book called Battles of the Bible.  It has me thinking of a war-game along the lines of Tony Bath's Hyboria campaign. The book tells of the different city-states in the middle east that were sandwiched between two large empires; and how it became a battleground as the empires fought for supremacy.  I have a large collection of Peter Laing Assyrians, Greeks and Persians. I also have smaller lots of various ancients. With the smaller lots of figures, I can see them acting as the bodyguards for the kings of the city-states.  To build on their armies, they would hire companies of mercenaries.  Of course the more numerous Assyrians and Persians will form the large empires.

       While Battlelore is a good set of rules, how to use elephants and chariots? Of course by using another set of Richard Borg's rules; Command and Colors Ancients.  However, the game is quite pricy; all I want is the rules. The main part of the rules I need are movement and battle rules.  Luckily the rules are on line so I can get in information I need. So the Peter Laing elephants will see battle again.

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