Thursday, October 17, 2013

Experimenting with Battlelore Rules

I have been seeing a lot of promise using Battlelore systems for fighting wargames. By using Peter Lanig figures with Heroscape scenery, my interest in wargaming has been renewed.  How to come up with armies was proving to be a problem.  At first it seemed just using Hordes of the Things armies seemed to be the way to go. HotT uses a point system, where different units used up  a certain number of Army Points (APs). However looking at the rules, a strong unit such as knights cost 2 AP;  but light units such as archers also cost 2 AP.  But by using the system in Table Top Battles, A unit such as knights had a higher AP than archers. I decided to use this point system with Battlelore.
    Instead of using the same Agincourt scenario, I chose another one from the scenario book and made up two armies using the Table Table Battles point system. The armies were a Crusader army, with an a Muslim army to oppose them.The Crusaders used half their points on mounted knights supported by men at arms and two archer units. The Muslims had mainly light troops. The Muslim army was a Peter Laing army that I really wanted to use. However, there wasn't enough figures to provide for a 24 point Muslim army so both armies only had 20 army points. The first army to lose 50% lost the battle. The Muslims had 11units; the Crusaders 8 units.  I once again used my movement dice to decide how many units could move.

The Muslim army is on the top; Crusader army on the bottom.

Once again, looking down the battlefield with the Muslim army on the left and Crusaders on the right.

The Muslim infantry advances. By advancing in this formation, all the units are "supported", meaning in battle they are considered "bold" and can ignore one retreat dice and have the opportunity to battle back when attacked.

The knights attack and inflects losses, but the infantry being supported, hold firm. The Muslim camels advance to attack.

The Muslim cavalry hits the knights' flank.

The knights break through the Muslim center.

The Muslim light cavalry eliminates two of the knight units.

As the battle wore on, the last knight unit lost two knights. The light Muslim cavalry forced it back two hexes and followed in pursuit.

The knight unit rallied and pushed the Muslim light horse back. In the pursuit, the knight unit eliminated the light horse.

The battle came down to the Muslims having lost 5 units, the Crusaders 3 units.  The Crusaders managed to defeat the Muslims, 6 units to 3, but the battle could have gone either way.

This battle has me thinking of the possibility of a campaign along the lines of Tony Bath's Hyborean campaign.

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