Saturday, October 12, 2013

Another 15mm Peter Laing Medieval Battle

      The second battle of Agincourt was fought using 15mm Peter Laing figures on Heroscape terrain.  It was a fun game. The English plan to move their forces to the woods never took place, which  led to their being beaten soundly.
      I still wanted to try using the Battlelore battle rules and movement, but instead of using the movement cards, I decided to use my movement dice.  It is for a set of rules that each side moved 4 units per turn . To fight solo battles, I made a dice that has one 3, three 4s, one 5, and one 6 on it.  That way you never know how many units you'll get to move on the next turn. So once again (and for the last time for a while) Agincourt was fought again.
    This time the battle was a close run thing. The English made more use of the woods, thereby cutting down the French attack strength. In the end the English carried the day, taking 5 units to the French 3. Here are some photos of the action.
English army on top of field, French army on bottom.  This time I got the armies on the right side of the field.

The French Knights wait to attack.

The French knights attacked by two units of English archers. The French men-at arms trail behind.

All the French Horsemen push forward. The English prepare for the onslaught. With Battlelore rules  if three units group together (think of like a triangle) they are supported and considered "bold", which allows them to ignore the first "retreat" dice. They can also "battle back" if not eliminated or forced to retreat. Another rule I forgot to play this game!

At this point the French cavalry is pushing the English back and causing heavy losses. however , they do not eliminate any of the English units.

The English counterattack, wiping out one French cavalry unit and pushing the others back.

Th French starts pushing forward their strong force of men-at-arms. The English  move towards the woods for protection.

As the main part of the battle takes place in the center, two English archer units on the right flank close in on a lone unit of men-at-arms and eliminates it.

Just about all of the English heavy infantry has been lost. But the French men-at-arms  have also suffered great losses. As the French try to close in on the last of the English foot knights, the English archers sally forth from the woods. They break the attacking French and win the day!

A view from the English right flank. The three units closest to the camera are English units.

Now to work on a way to build armies based on a point system, such as the system used in "Hordes of the Things".


  1. Sounds a little like the real battle then!
    I think you could have done with some of Peter's "Archers stakes" to protect your archers. I can't remember if I sent you any of those to take casts from?

  2. Ian, The last couple of days I have been going through my collection scrounging up all my Peter Laing Ancients and Medievals to continue to work on this project. Among them was the siege equipment, including the mentioned pointy stakes. Now I have to decide what to cast as the rubber I have left is getting hard to work with and will be no good shortly. It seems my original plan for the rubber has fallen through.

    1. Ian, by the way I meant to mention that the siege equipment is on loan from you and is being added to the special box I have of the figures on loan from you. I will be going through them to decide which figures to cast. I probably have rubber for another five molds.
      FYI: I have been keeping an eye on a small lot of PL colonials over here that I hope to buy.

  3. John - the siege equipment is yours to keep.
    Hope the rubber lasts out anyway - and good luck withe the colonials!
    Separately, let me know any other figures that you would still be interested in taking moulds from - I will have a look to see if I have any that I could lend or give you

  4. Ian, Thank you for the siege equipment. If I continue with this project it might be put to use soon!
    I have started to put aside Minifigs strips to be saved as masters for possible use for molds. I am planning to start sitting aside Peter Laing figures for the same use. If I get the colonials the lot will go for that purpose. I just got another small lot of PL ancient figures which will also be added. There was three figures that I didn't have.