Monday, November 26, 2018

Toy Soldier Chessboard Wargame

Blue toy soldier army vs. Red toy soldier army. Landscape terrain is the same on each side.  Game using Chris Salander's Horse & Musket 2.0 rules.

Both sides rush forward to seize favorable terrain.

Blue fire drives one red soldier to retreat from the woods.

Red advances against the blue right...

...and kills three soldiers.

Blue return fire kills three red soldiers, as the blue army pushes forward their left flank.  Meanwhile the blue unit advances on the woods in the center.

The leftmost red unit kills two blue infantry, while another blue soldier is killed before the woods.

Blue continues their assault on their left. They kill one red soldier and force two to retreat from the stone wall.

The red commander starts moving some of his troops from the left to bolster his right flank. Meanwhile, blue loses two more men on their right flank.

Blue continues to hit the red right. Red loses two more soldiers behind the stone wall.

Red drives back the defenders of the woods on blue's right flank; the red troops in the woods  forces the blue infantry in it's front to retreat, and blue has one killed in it's left flank.

Blue moves to shore up it's right flank.

Red counterattacks on it's right.

Blue finally takes the woods in the center, kills one infantryman, and drives one off the battlefield. They also win the race for the woods behind their lines.

Red drives the blue infantryman out of the woods on the top left of the picture. The red counterattack on the woods in their center drives one blue soldier back( as there are already 4 infantrymen in that square, the soldier is killed.

The blue left continues their push on the left. Meanwhile, the blue infantry tries to clear the woods in the foreground.

The blue attack on the red right falters; one soldier is killed and the others forced to retreat. Meanwhile, blue loses two more soldiers in the center.

Blue disparately tries to rally in the center.

The red army hits the blue left flank hard, killing two more blue soldiers.

At this point the blue commander orders a retreat. The first side to lose 16 men loses the battle.

As the blue army falls back, the red commander comes forward to lead the pursuit.

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