Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Finishing My New Sculpture.

     While looking at the sculpture I did using "green stuff", the figure's stance struck me as a swordsman's pose.  Since the figure was only a practice piece, I decided to finish the figure. I wasn't sure if it should be a historical figure, or more of a "Hollywood" swashbuckling figure. In the end it's more Hollywood than historical. Still, I am quite happy with the result, for a first try.

    As I based the new figure, I had a large amount of green stuff  mixed, which I didn't want to go to waste. Yesterday I had made an armature, which I tried to make at 30mm. My plan is to cast an armature which can be used as a base figure, which can be posed and dressed to be used as masters. I put a thin coat of green stuff on the figure to bulk it out. It's not pretty, but hopefully it'll do the job.
The original pose.

The completed "Swashbuckler"

The swordsman on his new base. The alien looking fellow on the right is my armature.I made the head pointy, as that's where I plan to put the pouring spout. Also, as I might be putting shakos or other large hats on the figures, this would make a good base.


  1. Your swashbuckler looks really good.you should be proud of him!

  2. Thank you. It's fun trying to make my own figures.