Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wargame Motivation

   Today I was determined to get a wargame in. As the day went on I somehow fell behind with getting the work around the house done. By the time work was done, I had little time to set up a game. Then I thought of a skirmish game.  In the past I have used a set of rules from Lone Warrior called "Dinowars" by Mike Crane. The rules were made for kids using two dinosaurs fight to the death. I have used them before for single combat. For this game it was going to be two knights battling. I had set up a couple of pieces of Heroscape to test with the recently purchased bridge, so that would be the battlefield.  The battle was fought between a local prince and a rogue knight. The knight managed to inflect two wounds to the prince, the prince only one. After a while with no decision, I called the game for the knight.  The game started to drag and I ended it. Hopefully with the coming lousy weather more time can be spent on wargaming. Perhaps it's time to look at the Hyborian Wars again.
The field of battle.

The Prince with his herald.

The knight gets the jump on the prince.

Closing for combat.

The prince is wounded crossing the bridge.

The prince tries to outmaneuver the knight.

The knight, having wounded the prince twice and forced him back over the bridge is declared the winner.
I still haven't found my camera and used my wife's. A good excuse for bad photos.


  1. Looks a fun game.My efforts for a wee game this weekend have come to nothing yet but there is still time...
    p.s I have quite a bit of ECW info too if you need it

    1. If you get good roles it can be a fun game. It would be good for jousts where you have several knights fighting to be champion.

      Any info on the ECW is welcome. I ordered "The Civil War in the Midlands" on Ian Dury's advice and look forward to reading it.

  2. John, you are still doing better than me! I haven't played an actual game since I ran the CWS game at Salute, back in April

    1. I find that poorly planned games rarely are enjoyable. This one was a bust. I have been bookmarking good scenarios and have to start using them.