Thursday, November 6, 2014

Peter Laing Joust

     My back pain finally came to a head on Monday. I managed to get to work thinking the pain would go away.  Instead the pain started going down my right leg. I finally went to a doctor only to find that I have sciatica. After two days of the worst pain I've suffered,  I could finally put some pressure on the leg.  Being bored of TV, I  went to look at some of my Peter Laings. After my last posting I was thinking that the rules would be good for a Medieval joust.  I dug out 6 knights and some dice and played a game.  
      The rules were simple. Roll a dice for each knight at the same time. For each 2 pips rolled they advanced one matchstick. When they came together they would each start by rolling 4 dice. I used the RISK game idea of comparing dice starting with highest rolls and working down, high rolls would take one dice from the other player. Each dice counted as a wound. First one to lose their dice would be eliminated. Last knight standing won the tournament.

Parade of the contestants. The White Knight withe the red lion hosted.

First joust; the White knight suffers 3 hits. Next round he was eliminated from the competition.

After three rounds the Black knight dismounted the Red knight.

After two rounds the White knight with black shield dismounted the Blue knight.

The final round found the White knight (with black shield) vs the Black knight. It took three round but the White knight dismounted the Black knight.

The Champion!

With a little more work this could be a fun game to play when there's those periods of stagnation .
As most of my knights are already painted (by people who have more skill than me) it would be easy enough to come up with names of the different knights and make a  book of heraldry using their shield designs. Also have matching foot figures so there could be the traditional melee on foot. Another back burner project!


  1. What a nice, simple, and effective little game ... and an ideal way to take your mind of your pain.

    I hope that you get some lasting relief from your pain soon.

    All the best,


  2. I am thinking of switching the game to a grid or squared off area. Also winners could be awarded dice for their victories. Nothing new but I'm trying to keep it simple.

    Every day the pain gets a little less. Hopefully by next week I'll be back on the job.

  3. There is no substitute for imagination! Good little game for such occasions.

    I had one little brush with a pinched sciatic nerve 15 years ago, never want another.

    Heal soon.

  4. I am going to try to get another game in, using some of the above mentioned rules. I will use a squared field of battle and maybe work in some foot combat.

    Most of the pain is gone and finally had a good night sleep. Plan to do lots of walking today.