Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Semi-Flats

I recently bought another lot of semi-flats on Ebay and they arrived today. Most of the figures are cavalry; the majority appear to be German hussars with lances. I did get some more infantry, along with a cannon and casson. Among the figures are two interesting  figures. One seems to be a boy carrying a bag over his shoulder and a suitcase (maybe a new recruit?) the other a small semi-flat lancer, who seems to be about 20mm range.
The new lot.

Gone for a soldier.

The little lancer.


  1. What fantastic figures,I cannot wait to see them in painted and in action...
    BTW was this on UK ebay ?

  2. With the last couple of purchases, I finally have enough cavalry for a game. Now to get a game going. I am thinking of painting a few for the fun of it. I did buy these on theUK Ebay. I check out the UK for Peter Laings and semi-flats. Finding either of those in the USA is rare.